Frances Merrill, Founder of Reath Design

Frances Merrill, Founder Reath Design; Photo by Lizzie Garrett Mettler

the 10


things to add warmth to your home

Whether it's a Malibu beach shack or a mid-century Silverlake compound, FRANCES MERRILL, the founder and creative force behind Los Angeles based design firm Reath, has a sixth sense for honing in on her client's—and their home's—needs. Her West Coast beach-chic meets East Coats boho-glam aesthetic (a turn through her portfolio is a study in creating depth by marrying unexpected colors and textures) is a testament to her formative years spent in NYC's Greenwich Village and a chance move West, where she earned her design stripes working for such L.A. institutions as Commune Design and Lost & Found (we have her to thank in part for the decor wonder that is the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs). These days, she's stretching her design muscle creating living spaces that are as much unique as they are live-able (because who wants to reside in a cold, museum-like house?).

Here, Reath founder Frances Merrill shares the 13 things she swears by to add warmth to a home.

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