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Jen Bekman, Founder of 20x200

Jen Bekman, Founder of 20x200

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Before gallerist and internet entrepreneur JEN BEKMAN launched 20x200, affordable art was something of an oxymoron. But thanks to her game-changing website, which makes limited-edition prints available at low prices, the ability to acquire art is no longer restricted to a very lucky few. (Or, as Jen likes to put it: "Art for everyone!") Although 20 x 200 celebrated its five-year anniversary this fall, Jen has hardly slowed down. Criss-crossing the country to scope out emerging artists, meet with investors, attend board meetings and lots of art and tech events, she spends almost as much time in the air as she does on the ground—especially since she's recently become bi-coastal with apartments in NYC and now San Francisco. To stay sane on the plane, Jen has found a few things that work time and again.

Here, 12 items Jen Bekman depends on to make long flights feel shorter and her final destinations feel a little more like home.

  • 1

    Prairie Underground Cloak Hoodie

    I always wear a hoodie on the plane, ALWAYS! My favorite ones come from indie brand Prairie Underground. They're beautifully made from organic cotton, with quirky details and unique colors. Stylishness aside, the best part is the over-sized, crazy cozy hood which is great for blocking out light when I want to sleep!

  • 2

    Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile

    I have a little kit of necessities that I keep stocked and ready to go in my suitcase all the time. These are things that I could get anywhere, but I like to have with me so I don't have to go hunting around when I'm in need. This way I don't have to search for a 24-hour shop and I have the small comforts of home. I never rely on a hotel to have good shampoo, conditioner and soap. My go-bag also includes my favorite lipstick, extra contacts and lens solution, band aids, q tips, cotton balls, a sewing kit, black tights, and an atomizer filled with Acqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile—one of my favorite scents.

  • 3


    Oyster has the inside scoop on hotels: it's full of reliable information straight from the people staying there. They will give you the real deal no matter what.

  • 4

    Seat Guru

    SeatGuru helps me pick the perfect seat on the plane. I can make sure my seat reclines and there is nothing in the foot rest area. Little things like this can make a big difference on a long flight!

  • 5

    Epice s.a.r.l Scarf

    I have a big collection of scarves, and I'm always sure to pack a few when I travel. They're a great solution for giving your wardrobe more variety while taking up minimal space. I always make sure to have one in my carry-on... it's nice to have an extra layer for when the plane is too cold. (Especially since airplane blankets are scarce these days, and when they are available, you're wise to have a layer between you and them.) This French brand, Epice, makes gorgeous, generously-sized wraps. Spendy, yet so practical that I find myself indulging in a new one almost every season.

  • 6

    Beats by Dre Headphones

    I love my Beats by Dre headphones. They're the perfect antidote to chatty seatmates and the general din of an airplane cabin.

  • 7

    Missoni for Target Spinner Suitcase

    If you travel as much as I do, a four wheel "spinner" suitcase is a must. It's easy to maneuver through tight spaces, and it rolls effortlessly beside you when walking through the terminal. Be sure that you get an expandable version, which leaves extra room for treasures procured at your destination!

  • 8


    Fathom has great insider tips on destinations all over the world. I always check to see if they've covered the place I'm going, because they are selective and will show me things that I wouldn't find in a guide book.

  • 9

    Clare Vivier Clutch

    I'm currently obsessed with Clare Vivier's stylish, chic bags. I always tuck one of her clutches into my big carry-on. It's a perfect way to keep my travel documents handy, and can be used on its own as a purse for a night out.

  • 10

    Giovanni Refresh Towelettes

    Purell kinda gives me the creeps, reminding me of hospitals and helicopter moms. These individually wrapped wipes are the perfect alternative for an eco-minded germophobe. They are organic and sensitive, plus they offer a little aromatherapy.

  • 11

    Aquaphor Lip Repair Immediate Relief

    The air inside a plane can get really dry. This no-frills, super emollient balm is heavy duty enough to keep my pucker perky and a little bit goes a long way if I want to use it as a (TSA-friendly sized!) hand moisturizer.

  • 12

    Frye Veronica Shortie Boots

    You should always wear your biggest, baddest boots on the plane, otherwise they'd take up half of your suitcase. I know it seems counter-intuitive to wear big boots on the flight, but these kicks are super comfortable, they go with everything, and can slide right off. I've walked for miles in them!

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