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Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher, Jewelry Designer

the 10
things I'd happily buy in bulk

Though you can shop JENNIFER FISHER's eponymous jewelry line at Barneys, its roots aren't particularly fancy. The former Californian started her career as a wardrobe stylist, before moving to New York with her husband, where, on a bit of a lark, she had her son's name stamped on a gold dog tag because she couldn't find anything monogrammed that she liked. After enough curious strangers stopped her on the street to enquire, she launched her own collection, which has grown to include roughly 4,000 charms—and heftier statement pieces like spike-dotted bracelets and chunky rings. Since Fisher clearly has an eye for the things that really count—and highly specific taste—we had to tap her for the list of things that see her through her days.

Herewith, the 10 things that keep Jennifer Fisher all-around stylish.

  • 1

    Dax Gabler Python Shoulder Bag

    Being a working mom, I need a chic bag that can be worn AM to PM. This is the perfect choice—AND it goes cross-body messenger style when needed.

  • 2

    Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

    Always piled on in layers… and stored in my Balenciaga pouch.

  • 3

    Current/Elliott Roller Jeans in Grey Cloud

    We have a very casual dress code at the showroom so I'm always sold on fresh takes on denim. My current favorites are Current/Elliott.

  • 4

    Balenciaga Arena Giant Rose Gold Premier

    Not only does this double as my jewelry storage, but it's the best bag to throw into my large tote so that I'll always have a clutch for night ready to go.

  • 5

    Smashbox O-Plump Lip Gloss

    This is my hands-down favorite lip gloss. And I have tested every clear version out there… It's clean, not sticky, and on my lips 24/7.

  • 6

    Selima Optique Pimp Glasses

    I keep two pairs of sunglasses in my bag at all times, and these are always one of the two. I have them multiple colors, plus they'll customize color gradient lenses in any hue.

  • 7

    Sam Mills Gluten Free Rigatoni Corn Pasta

    I have a gluten intolerance so my favorite meal of pasta was forever changed years ago. I live for pasta though: This alternative changed my life right back!

  • 8

    Frankies Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This olive oil was given to me as a gift from a friend and I have not found anything since that compares: I use it for everything.

  • 9

    Heath Ceramics Studio Mug

    In terms of ergonomics, this is the best-designed mug I've ever used. I love that it's from the 1940's and is still classic. And the pottery is beautifully handmade.

  • 10

    Nespresso Citiz Espresso Machine with Aeroccino Frother

    This is the most used appliance in my home and office: I honestly live for it multiple times a day. As do all my employees… and my husband.

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