Jessie Randall, Creative Director of Loeffler Randall

Jessie Randall, Creative Director of Loeffler Randall

the 10
things I always bring to the pool

At least one day every weekend Loeffler Randall creative director JESSIE RANDALL and her husband/business partner Brian Murphy pile their three extremely adorable little boys in the car and make the 35-minute trip from their home in Brooklyn to a gorgeous, old-fashioned pool club in Pelham Manor, NY. "I love going for Memorial Day weekend when they have cotton candy, balloons, bouncy castles and snow cones," she explains. The best part? "A huge kiddie pool with lifeguards!" Lifeguards or no, Randall has the packing part down pat. Here,

the 10 things that Jessie Randall always takes to the pool.

  • 1

    Lightweight Turkish Towels

    A little shop near me sells these and I love them: They're very chic and lightweight. And multifunctional! They can be a sarong, a towel, or even a little rug.

  • 2

    Vilebrequin Swimsuits

    I love dressing all the boys in the same suit as their dad. Each year we get a different pattern. If only they would make a bikini in the same print for me.

  • 3

    Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Heatwave

    Finding the perfect shade for beachy summer lips is key. This is my go-to because there is something super cool about a matte finish lip.

  • 4

    Saltwater Sandals

    There is nothing cuter than little boys in Saltwater sandals. I love these so much. The best part is that they're completely waterproof.

  • 5

    Karen Walker Vava Sunglasses

    These are cheeky and silly, which makes them perfect for the pool with the kiddos.

  • 6

    JOSA Tulum Halter Cover Up Maxi Dress

    I love the stripes and the casual feel of this dress, plus I'm into the fact that it's a maxi.

  • 7

    Stripey Wooden Spoons from Pomme

    These are so irresistibly cute, it's hard to put them to use—but they make ice cream time even more fun.

  • 8

    Bobo Choses Jumper

    Bobo Choses is hands down my most favorite children's brand ever. This popsicle print is amazing and screams Summer. I can't wait until my 18 month old, Harry, is running around in this.

  • 9

    Loeffler Randall Selima Sandals

    These are my go to sandals this summer. Thanks to a rubber sole they're super lightweight, plus I love the punchy neon yellow binding. They go with everything.

  • 10

    Baggu Pouches

    These are key for organizing all the stuff I need to bring to the pool with me, plus, the polka dots are super cute.

Turkish Towels
Vilebrequin Swim Trunks
Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick
Saltwater Sandals
Karen walker Cat Sunglasses
JOSA Tulum Halter Coverup Maxi Dress
Pomme NYC Stripey Wooden Spoons
Bobo Choses Infant Bodysuits
Loeffler Randall Selima Sandals
Baggu Spotted Zipper Pouches
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