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Andrea Linett—the creative director of eBay fashion and the force behind the blessedly straightforward style blog—has a famously extensive (and well-documented) jewelry collection. As a long-time magazine editor and stylist (she was the founding creative director of Lucky Magazine), it's not a huge surprise that she's intimately familiar with every accessories designer out there. When asked, she provided a list of picks that win her wallet, month after month.

Here, the 11 jewelry sites that Andrea Linett shops compulsively.

  • 1

    Ten Thousand Things

    These guys make amazing organic, handmade fine jewelry, and the site is so beautifully shot it makes everything look super drool-worthy. I'm especially obsessed with the Tahitian pearl pieces right now.

  • 2

    Ugly Otter

    I collect Native American jewelry and this is like walking into a pawn shop in Tucson! You never know what you're going to get. I always just check out the old pawn pieces. The concho belts are a great deal.

  • 3

    Southwestern Jewelry

    Vicki, the owner, is so awesome: She hand picks all the pieces and is incredibly knowledgeable about their origins.

  • 4

    Ylang 23

    They have so much amazing fine jewelry under one roof. I could look on here for hours. Right now I'm eyeing this awesome Pippa Small bracelet—it's pure ethnic glamour!

  • 5

    M. Schon

    Another great modern site that focuses on designer pieces. This is where I learned about Cher Fox.

  • 6

    Sydney Evan Jewels

    Sydney makes the best pave jewelry out there. I always buy gifts for people on here—there are so many cute charms.

  • 7

    The Three Graces

    This place has lots of cool stuff from all eras including Victorian, Edwardian and Art deco. If you're into hair jewelry, they have tons of it.

  • 8

    Love, Adorned

    This is one my favorite shops in New York—they finally went online. I'm jonesing for this Polly Wales Dawn Ring.

  • 9


    I'm looking on eBay constantly! I have so much good stuff from here: A sterling silver Hermes Medor watch, an amazing old mine cut diamond ring that my friend Daniel gave me, and pearl cluster earrings, to name just a few. Once my friend Daniel (good friend, huh?) made me a giant charm bracelet from charms he found on eBay. Each one was an inside joke. Right now I'm watching lavalieres.

  • 10

    Doyle & Doyle

    My beautiful old European cut 1930s Tiffany solitaire engagement ring came from here.

  • 11

    Modernist Jewery

    I love mid-century modern jewelry and this place has a great selection at really good prices.

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