Joanna Williams, Founder of Kneeland Co. and Kneeland Mercado

Joanna Williams, Founder of Kneeland Co. and Kneeland Mercado

the 10


things I'm obsessed with right now

Bursting with vintage textiles and trimmings from far-flung locales, JOANNA WILLIAMS' studio Kneeland Co. is a go-to inspiration resource for fashion designers and interior brands from all over. And now she's launched Kneeland Mercado for the rest of us. And while we're busy coveting the handmade goods and accessories she's shared on her e-shop, she's already onto the next.

Here, the 12 things Joanna Williams is lusting after.

  • 1

    Brook & Lyn Mirror Screen

    Los Angeles-based designer Mimi Jung recently created the most stunning mirror screen/room divider made of wood with cotton thread and I'm losing my mind over it. I seriously can't stop thinking about this beauty and it currently sits at the top of my wish list.

  • 2

    Simone LeBlanc Landscape Yarn Drawing

    My good friend Simone LeBlanc just launched her series of Yarn Drawings at Terrain and I'm envisioning one hanging on my bedroom wall. Made from natural fibers and dried flowers, each piece looks as if it was made with love. Who wouldn't want that in their home?

  • 3

    Oli + Me Lace Ring

    Grace Lee makes the most beautiful, delicate lace rings that I've been pining for. My heart is set on the rose gold, but I'm not mad at the black gold either. They have a feminine, regal sensibility to them that I adore.

  • 4

    Jessica Winzelberg Spiked Marquise Ring with Sapphires

    San Francisco jewelry designer Jessica Winzelberg makes tribal-inspired jewelry that makes a statement while still being super chic, and this ring makes me want to buy her entire collection.

  • 5

    Byredo Accord Oud

    This woodsy fragrance has become my signature and I never leave home without a spray. I'm a sucker for anything Oud (a type of wood), and when it's combined with spices, cinnamon, saffron and black plum I really can't be strayed.

  • 6

    Martin Margiela Tabi Boots

    These have been on my wish list forever and I just might buy them as a gift for myself this year. I have a vision of wearing these classic boots with all of my vintage Indian dresses for fall and winter. To me, these are an every day boot that will get better with age.

  • 7

    Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder
    Kohl Eyeliner

    I'm not normally an eyeliner wearing gal, but this kohl liner makes me feel like an exotic princess. The packaging is so exquisite and is reminiscent of the brass bottles filled with kohl that you find in the Middle East. Two swoops of this at night and I'm ready to take on the world.

  • 8

    Kate Moss by Kate Moss

    There's no denying the allure of the one and only Kate Moss. I'm excited to get my hands on her new book, which she wrote alongside Fabien Baron. It's a retrospective of her career and I'm hoping to score the copy with a cover photo of her shot by the late photographer Corinne Day.

  • 9

    Kneeland Mercado Thick Loop Rug

    These lush rugs made by artisans in Mexico City are one of the most versatile home furnishings ever. Full of texture and can also be used as decorative wall hanging or draped over a chair. My good friend uses hers as a cozy floor cushion for her newborn baby!

  • 10

    Zara Linen Blend T-Shirts

    About a year ago I was browsing Zara and came upon their linen blend t-shirts that had an Isabel Marant sensibility, but for a fraction of the price. I nabbed two and became hooked, and now my closet is full of them in about 3 different styles and about 5 different color ways.

  • 11

    Smythson Passport Cover

    It's about time my passport gets an upgrade with a luxurious leather holder like this one from Smythson. It seems like a frivolous purchase, but when you travel often it actually makes sense. I figure if I have to fly coach I can at least have one thing that makes me feel like I'm traveling in style!

  • 12

    Gypset Travel

    Traveling is a huge part of my job and I am always inspired by the lifestyles of those who travel and those who live abroad, which is why I'm thrilled about the release of Julia Chaplin's new tome.

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