Karen Kimmel, Founder of Kimmel Kids & Crafting Community

Karen Kimmel, Founder of Kimmel Kids & Crafting Community

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As the creative force behind a branding studio (with clients like Splendid and Nike), a stencil-based children's line that's designed to promote creativity, and the so-cool-it-hurts Crafting Community, KAREN KIMMEL is kind of busy. But everything she touches is intended to spark the imagination, which means that her non-stop pace is pretty fun, too. Case in point: Crafting Community events—hosted at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs—are essentially weekend art camps for parents and kids.

Here, the 11 products Karen Kimmel things are hands-down great.

  • 1

    La Pochette Pouches

    The talented Clare Vivier will be leading workshops at this year's Crafting Community at the Ace Hotel. I grabbed one of these gorgeous neon clutches in the hopes that I would have time to actually go out in 2012.

  • 2

    Kimmel Kids Tote

    We design a limited run of Kimmel Kids totes for every Crafting Community event, and sell them exclusively on our website—I always have at least one of these slung over my shoulder!

  • 3

    Pottok Wallpaper

    Friends Geoff and Sarah have an incredible wallpaper company packed to the rafters with inspiring graphics in unexpected color palettes that jazz up any kid's room. We're using the dead trees print in green for my daughter Jersey's bedroom; she is going for the girl's fort vibe.

  • 4

    Kuhn Rikon Paring Knives

    These colorful knives are absolutely perfect for family picnics in Griffith or Lacy Park—they each come with a little color coordinated sheath, so they travel very well and their bright colors always make them easy to spot in an overpacked bag.

  • 5

    Arctecnica Themis Mobile

    Rose and Andy of A+R are my number one source for gifts in a pinch: They have a great range of price points and an incredibly well-curated selection of products. This Arctecnica mobile is one of my favorite low-cost, high impact gifts for the seemingly endless stream of kid birthday parties.

  • 6

    Washi Tape

    I'm absolutely obsessed with Japanese washi tape. It comes in a million colors and patterns and it's just the perfect thing to jazz up a card or a gift. After you've tried out our washi tape card DIY, you'll understand completely.

  • 7

    RTH Shop Leather Pins

    RTH is the secret spot you don't want anyone to know about, but I honestly can't keep myself from sharing. Rene's passion for indigenous crafts and effortless sense of style conspire to make an endless array of hand-tooled accessories and nature-inspired pins. Dress up any outfit with these one of a kind treasures, but get ready to share the news because everyone will be asking you where you got it…

  • 8

    Undefeated Hat

    Have you ever tried to get a kid to wear a sun hat? Exactly. That's why I go for the baseball hats from my husband's company, Undefeated. It keeps the little ones from getting sunburnt and minimizes the getting-dressed battle. They also have the best selection of children's sneakers. Ok, maybe I'm a little bit biased.

  • 9

    Proof Bakery

    It has been such a treat to watch the quiet neighborhood around my studio flourish over the last few years. One of our favorite new spots is Proof Bakery: Their sandwiches are to die for (the beet, potato skin, arugula and pesto baguette is my standby). Thanks for keeping the team at the studio fully caffeinated!

  • 10

    Lunchskins Reusable Baggies

    Lunchskins is a wonderful company that produces reusable sandwich and snack bags in a fun range of colors and patterns.
    It's such a simple, brilliant concept and it gives me a lift to know
    that there's not a plastic baggie in a landfill for every PB&J I've
    made my kids.

  • 11

    Eco Stars Crayons

    Eco Stars are made from crayons collected from the National Crayon Recycle Program. They are cute as a button, earth-friendly, and they make a great back seat activity.

La Pochette Pouches
Kimmel Kids Tote
Pottok Wallpaper
Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife
Themis Mobile
Washi Tape
Leather Pins
Undefeated Hat
Proof Bakery
Lunch Skins
Eco Stars Crayons
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