Laura de Leon, Celebrity Hairstylist

Laura de Leon, Celebrity Hairstylist

the 10


keys to getting sexy hair

Hairstylist LAURA DE LEON knows a thing or two about sex appeal, which we've gotten to observe firsthand over the years. (On traveling photo shoots, we've watched her land a business seat upgrade with a quick toss of her own gorgeous locks.) The key to those beach-worthy locks? Years spent on fashion sets, and in prestigious salons perfecting her technique for sexy hair, which she now jokingly calls "the de Leon."

Here, the 10 essentials for getting Laura de Leon's signature 'do, plus all the tips for using them right.

  • 1

    Redken Sea Polish

    You want to start the look with a clean base, and what better way than with a hair exfoliant? Redken's Sea Polish has pumice in it, so I pretend it's sand, which transports me to a sexy head-space and ultimately to a sexy place: the beach.

  • 2

    Dove Amplifying Mousse

    Slather this new Dove mousse all over your hair to protect it, and give it slight hold and some memory. (I love the new Dove styling products. They don't flake and are very user-friendly).

  • 3

    Big Barrel Round Brush

    Blow dry with a round brush to get all the frizz out. Frizz will ruin a perfect masterpiece.

  • 4

    Solano Blow Dryer With Nozzle

    Be sure to keep that nozzle on the end of the blow dryer for forced, controlled air. Use the cold button to set hair.

  • 5

    2-Inch Fatty Curling Iron

    Now get out the "fatty" and curl your hair to lock in the sexy. Remember to not be perfect.

  • 6

    Mason Pearson Mixed Bristle Brush

    Brush your hair, this time with a paddle brush, which will smooth out the hair, and then massage your scalp using small circular motions. This will give you a little lift without having to tease your hair.

  • 7

    Dove Dry Shampoo

    This is my secret weapon. It's soooo user friendly and doesn't leave your scalp white. Spray all over your hair for texture.

  • 8

    Jao Goe Oil

    Dab a little on your hands and rub until warm. Put it all through your hair for added texture and shine. (A pomade like Murray's will work too.) After this you can add more dry shampoo if you want more texture.

  • 9

    Elnett Hair Spray

    Elnett has built in humidity control so outdoor elements will not flatten or frizz your 'do.

  • 10

    Ligne St. Barth's Avocado Oil

    This has nothing to do with hair. Apply avocado oil liberally all over your body because it will make your skin feel sexy and luxurious.

  • 11

    Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick

    Don't forget your red lip!

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