Lauren Jimeson, founder of A Mommy in the City, and blogger at Babble

Lauren Jimeson, founder of A Mommy in the City, and blogger at Babble

the 10
essentials for traveling with kids

What started as a way to update friends and family back in Florida after a big move to the Big Apple, LAUREN JIMESON's blog, A Mommy in the City has turned into a go-to manual for city dwelling moms who miss that small-town feel. The table of contents includes a section on Suburban Life (filled with pictures of apple picking adventures), while the City Life tab has a post vouching for the best indoor, kid-friendly NYC spots. Lauren, who also writes for, is fresh off a weeklong family vacation to the Caribbean. The trip went off with a hitch, so we knew we had to ask for her kid-travel secrets.

Here, the 10 essentials that Lauren Jimeson thinks make traveling with two young daughters an absolute cinch.

  • 1

    Leap Frog Tag Reader

    My older daughter loves books, but doesn't quite know how to read yet. As much as I love reading to her, it's hard to when we are in a car or a plane. I love that the Tag Reader reads the books to her and also helps teach her to read. It also has a headphone output so that she can easily listen to her favorite book without the whole plane hearing it.

  • 2

    Skip Hop Zoo Luggage

    I love to keep all of our travel essentials for the girls in one place. My three-year-old is very independent and likes to do things for herself. Letting her have her own suitcase with everything packed inside has been a lifesaver for us: Not only has she been able to pull it herself, but it keeps all of our must-have items for the kids stored and organized together.

  • 3

    Skip Hop Zoo Neck Rest

    My daughter always asks to bring her pillow on long trips with us, but her pillow is just too big and bulky to bring. These neck rests from Skip Hop give her the same comfort of her pillow, but are much more travel-friendly.

  • 4

    Blooming Blossom Buddy Blanket

    Even though my girls are used to traveling, they still get homesick. I always make sure to bring them something that reminds them of home. They each have bunnies that they've had since birth that they love to cuddle when they are sad or upset. As soon as I notice them getting homesick or need some sort of comfort item, I hand them their bunnies and they are immediately calmed.

  • 5

    Pampers Baby Wipes

    You don't have to have a baby to carry Pampers Baby Wipes with you. I use them constantly with both of my girls, especially when traveling. Sticky hands, runny noses, spilled drink, you name it — the Pampers Baby Wipes will help clean it up. I love Pampers wipes because they are especially durable and able to clean up a big mess. I think I'll be using these forever.

  • 6

    Melissa & Doug Travel Games

    Keeping the girls busy and entertained on our trip is my ultimate goal. I love these travel games from Melissa & Doug because they offer fun for the entire family. They have memory games, travel bingo, and so much more. They provide for hours of fun and definitely make the trip go by much faster!

  • 7

    Go-Go Squeez Pouches

    I always bring snacks with me when we are traveling, but with a one-year-old and a three-year-old, I want to bring something that they both can eat. These pouches are amazing: They taste great, can easily be thrown in my bag, and make for easy clean up.

  • 8

    Griffin Technology Crayola MyPhone Over-the-Ear Headphones

    My daughter loves to watch videos or play games on the iPad when we travel. I love these headphones because they let her keep the noise to herself without bothering others, plus the volume-limiting headphones are great for little ears.

  • 9

    Apple iPad Mini

    Our iPad travels with us every single trip that we go on—I think my three year-old knows how to use it better than I do. This tablet can keep her entertained for hours, between the movies that I download before our trip, to the games that help her learn the alphabet.

  • 10

    Ergobaby Travel Collection Baby Carrier

    I use my Ergobaby carrier every single time that I travel. It's great for the airport when you have so many other things to carry! I simply put my one-year-old in it and can pull our suitcase and hold my three-year-old's hand. I love that it gives me so much flexibility.

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