Lili Diallo, Domino Stylist and Founder of Billie Mag

Lili Diallo, Domino Stylist and Founder of Billie Mag

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essentials for a très chic home

Readers loved Domino magazine because it was by turns fun, haute, and totally approachable. A testament to her unerring French eye, LILI DIALLO, Domino's brilliant stylist, is credited with formulating that finished-unfinished look. She's implemented her number one rule–avoiding anything that skews overly "decorator-y"–to her newest venture, Billie: A breathtaking online lifestyle magazine which in its infancy has already garnered rave reviews. Most will agree: It's easier to do strict matchy-matchy than assemble an interior that looks effortlessly thrown together, yet still functions as a comfortable place to live. How does Lili do it? By steering away from decorating by-the-book, instead opting to build on subtle, unexpected elements.

Here, stylist and founder of Billie magazine, Lili Diallo, shares the touches she thinks makes a home très chic.

  • 1

    Fresh Flowers

    When I first came to the U.S. I thought, "It's so weird, they don't have flower stores." Luckily, that's changed over the years. You can get some great deals on blooms at your local farmers market, too.

  • 2

    Staub Cocotte

    My friends even bring theirs over when they come for dinner. You can make anything in it: Beouf Bourgeonone, pomme de terre, soups...

  • 3

    Details: A Stylist's Secrets to Creating Inspired Interiors

    It's where I spill everything I've learned over the years!

  • 4

    Ruinart Champagne

    A bottle chilling in the fridge is always a must! I love Ruinart—I think the monks started making it in Reims during the Middle Ages.

  • 5

    BeeLine Chicken Feather Table Lamp

    The French are major champions of indirect lighting. We hate overhead unless it comes from a crystal chandelier.

  • 6

    Bernardaud Fine China

    Everyone should own at least one set of beautiful plates, like these porcelain ones from Bernardaud.

  • 7

    Dentelliere Taupe Rectangular Tablecloth

    You must have a proper tablecloth for when maman comes over for Sunday lunch. I like this one with a little bit of embroidery around the edge.

  • 8

    Saltworks Sel de Mere

    It tastes so much better, and adds significantly more flavor to dishes than regular salt.

  • 9

    Maille Originale Dijon Mustard

    We use it like most would use ketchup on meat, sandwiches, and in vinaigrettes. We also use mayonnaise on French Fries, which we always make ourselves because it is so easy.

  • 10

    Les Indiennes Pillow Covers

    I love pretty covers from John Robshaw, Mecox Gardens or Les Indiennes: I stuff them with Ikea down inserts because they are great and inexpensive.

  • 11

    Savon de Marseille Soap

    You can use it for everything: Face, body, even hand-washing linens. The scent reminds me of a house in the countryside.

  • 12

    DDC Cuba 25 Couch

    It's important to have a comfortable sofa with clean lines, but one that still has a certain allure. Once you have the streamlined couch, you can go crazy with pillows!

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