Liz Carey - Actress, Writer, Comedienne

Liz Carey—Actress, Writer, Comedienne


the 10
things I take on the road, to feel at home

As an actress, writer, comedienne and mama to a six-year-old boy, LIZ CAREY knows all about juggling the Hollywood life. She clocks in long hours on set and on location (both for feature films as well as The Chelsea Lately Show), so she travels with practical and sentimental tokens to stay in touch with the comforts of home and in close contact with her little one. Safe to say, she's got the list down to a science. No matter if she's shooting in Lansing or Los Angeles,

here are the 12 things that actress Liz Carey takes with her on the road

so she never feels far away from the things that matter most.

  • 1

    Boom Group Lucite Frame

    A framed photo of my son. I have a cool, clear frame that is easy to travel with. My son's picture goes with me everywhere.

  • 2

    Scents & Feel Fouta Towel

    I like the towels and throws from Lost and Found in L.A. They make any hotel room more chic and the bed less creepy.

  • 3

    Elisabeth Bell Quail Bone Bangle

    I have a wrist full of bangles from Roseark. I wear an eagle cuff, feather cuff, bone cuff, snake cuff...they remind me of home and I don't take them off unless I am forced—then I get cranky (just kidding, not really).

  • 4

    Dosa Leather Pouch

    These come in three sizes, are great for traveling and carrying sunglasses.

  • 5

    In Fiore Parfum Solids

    Let's be honest: you need to smell good, and you can't spill this.

  • 6

    CVS Cold Compress

    I am prone to migraines. They are also great to just lie on your face at five in the morning.

  • 7

    Hand-Woven African Hamper

    This awesome hamper is what I throw all my dirty stuff into when I get home.

  • 8

    Apple iPhone 5

    Do we really need to say why? I'm in a 14-step program to get off Instagram, but that's another story.

  • 9

    Blueprint Juices

    Ok, Blueprint juices are 10 bucks, but so is lunch, and I usually end up skipping that when I'm working. I like all of their flavors.

  • 10

    Diptyque Paris Figuier Candle

    I like Diptyque in the fig smell. I like figs. Who doesn't?

  • 11

    Tom Ford Charles Aviators

    I go through sunglasses like toilet paper, so I like to pick up three pairs of vintage ones for around ten bucks each. But, I prefer the expensive Tom Ford aviator glasses that I will inevitably manage to lose.

  • 12


    Last but not least, a unicorn. Price upon request and available at select stores only.

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