Napper Tandy, Founder of ntandy Belts

Napper Tandy, Founder of ntandy Belts

the 10


things that every manly-man needs

With days spent chasing the thrill of mountain biking, snowboarding and surfing, former writer and ad exec NAPPER TANDY started ntandy, his highly-functional line of belts, to keep up with his recreational exploits. And though he may have been named after a distant relative—a liquor-loving, womanizing, Irish general—the action-monger is forging his own legend by way of his next big adventure.

We tapped Napper Tandy for the 14 things every adrenaline junkie must have in his arsenal when cavorting outdoors.

  • 1

    Reigning Champ Cardigan

    Your 7th grade science teacher wore his with panache and pride, now it's your turn. Commanding Reigning Champ's herringbone cardigan is your chance to bring that steamer-ship captain swagger you've been looking for. Full steam ahead.

  • 2

    Klean Kanteen

    There's something about a properly chilled or heated beverage that makes everything seem just right. Unfortunately, the laws of Thermodynamics are looking to harsh your mellow. Kleen Kanteen's 16oz. double-walled, vacuum insulated bottle blows my mind each time I unscrew the 100% leak-proof top to find a still steaming or icy dream awaiting my quivering lips.

  • 3

    Traxxis Slash

    There are some things the technological revolution has laid its icy cold fingers on and improved in ways that make you want to pee your pants. The Traxxis Slash remote control race truck is just such an item. With blistering speed and such realistic suspension and handling characteristics you can't help but snarl a lip, grit your teeth, and work this dream catcher as if you were actually behind the wheel.

  • 4

    Adidas Rod Laver

    Arguably the finest looking sneaker ever made, the Adidas Rod Laver works as well complimenting a seersucker suit, as it does slicing one down the alley. Rod is the only cat to win the Grand Slam twice, and considered the best there ever was. Feel the glory.

  • 5

    ntandy Belts

    When the time comes to hoist one's long or short pants north, I can't say enough about an ntandy belt. Available in a range of classic yet bold colors, these belts announce to the world around you that you've clearly brought your A-game. Belts so bold and handsome, so simple and functional, that they fit the bill whether heli-boarding the Himalayas or hammering back highballs. Whelped from 1000 lb. test nylon webbing, wrapped up tight in classic board short nylon, the ntandy belt is a hardworking piece of recreational equipment, for those who take their recreation seriously. Because after all, nobody likes to get caught with their pants down, and there's no point in half-assing the good times.

  • 6

    Leffot Wallet

    A wallet is a man's command center. That understood, an overstuffed, faux-leather shame pouch, is unacceptable. Luckily, Leffot's beautifully simple one piece of Horween shell cordovan leather wallet called The Fold fits the bill. Big time.

  • 7

    Fisher Space Pen

    When's the last time you were suspended upside down underwater and needed to scribble a quick diagram on the basic principles of atmospheric Space Shuttle re-entry? Read on. Armed with waterproof ink and a pressurized ink cartridge allowing inverted writing, the Fisher Space Pen shoves every pen you've ever met into a high school locker, then steals their girlfriend.

  • 8

    Case Slimlock Pocketknife

    In an age of technological overkill I cherish simple, handsomely-crafted pieces of analog equipment like a great pocketknife. Renowned knife maker W.R. Case & Sons' Slimlock brings heat and leaves you with an heirloom your son will thank you for.

  • 9

    Holga Plastic Camera

    It's hard to justify a film camera these days in a world of unlimited digital bliss. That said, from time to time when I really get that lusciously sweaty, self-indulgent creative bug, I put on a mustache and grab my Holga. Larger format film, plastic lens and leaking light afford such unique and surprising images that it justifies the madness.

  • 10

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Owning one of these incredible creatures is to basically possess a small bear, which as a puppy will catch more single females walking down a city street than a trapeze net pulled behind two fire engines. And full grown? You'll have a sidekick rumored to die from heartbreak if separated from their owners. Epic.

  • 11

    American Workbench

    Every man requires a basic set of skills to handle life's little tasks and projects. A custom made man-helm by American Workbench provides every man a sturdy command post in which to do their manly bidding.

  • 12

    Baxter of California Men's Grooming Goods

    Like hugging too long, male grooming tends to draw a slightly awkward line we instinctually tread with trepidation. Shaving in a river with a bowie knife, then embracing the day with a rev of the engine and a nice smoky burnout is great in theory. That said, with Father Time beating at the door like Jack Nicholson in the Shining, your face needs a little more TLC. Enter Baxter of California.

  • 13

    An International Harvester Scout

    And I quote from a piece of 1978 advertorial gold, "A man without a Scout, is a man without a country." In a time when gutless pansy-wagons or "CUV's" choke our roadways and strip our manhood, it's comforting to know you can still redeem yourself with an old Scout. These industrial grade man-chariots created by the great International Harvester, make men dry heave with envy, and women want to rethink their marriages.

  • 14

    Aardvark Letter Press Business Cards

    One's essence shouldn't be defined by the questionable aesthetics of your company's business cards. Leave new acquaintances a more tasteful impression of your larger self with a custom letter pressed card by Aardvark's of Los Angeles.

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