Paulette Light & Julie Hermelin, Co-Founders of The Friendex

Paulette Light & Julie Hermelin, Co-Founders of The Friendex

the 10
things that make running a startup easier

With seven children between them, PAULETTE LIGHT and JULIE HERMELIN are busy moms who found themselves in need of great people to manage the tasks they did not have time for. Realizing that the opinions and experiences of their friends pretty much dictated who they hired, the duo set forth to create the ultimate Rolodex, and thus was born. The community-based website is stocked with recommendations from your most reliable and trusted sources (they've been through the wringer and have emerged successful!), so you can find your next contractor/baby sitter/handyman in a snap. Genius! Because they're so incredibly busy, we tapped the momtrepreneurs for a list of tools that help streamline their lives so there are fewer bumps along the way.

Here, Paulette Light and Julie Hermelin of share what makes running a startup easier.

  • 1

    Rebecca Minkoff Essef Dress, Fiorentini + Baker Boots, Clare Vivier Clutch, & Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer

    These are our essentials to help us to go from mom to mogul in minutes. The Burt's Bees shimmer is key: You know the saying—if your lips are dry so is your bank account (ok, we just made that up).

  • 2

    The Friendex

    The only way we can make our lives work... This is where we find doctors, babysitters, contractors, handimen, baby nurses, photographers—we search, store, and save the best recommendations from your friends. 'Cause who the hell are Craig and Angie?

  • 3

    Clear App

    Efficiency at all costs: We are next-step junkies—and it all goes here. Swipe your finger and get rid of to-do list items—that is satisfaction!

  • 4

    Until you have a complete staff: Fake it! This is great for all the meetings on the go. Best of all, they have a mute button so they don't hear the kids in the back of the car.

  • 5

    Miquelrius MR4 Notebooks

    Want to ensure you forget nothing? Write it down. The history of thefriendex is in these notebooks. Notes from every meeting, every phone call, brainstorms... Now if only we could read our handwriting...

  • 6

    Strand Tea's Tea Tiger Brewing Thermos & Drinking Cup

    This cup is a tea infuser, thermos, hydrator and destressor all in one. Like an adult pacifier. When in doubt, caffienate.

  • 7

    Good Karmal Carmels

    Always be grateful. It takes a village to launch a start-up... There's no sweeter way to say thanks!

  • 8

    Más Malo

    Dinner is the new power lunch. This restaurant is a sumptuous and stylish spot in downtown LA. A great meeting ends with a spicy cucumber margarita buzz.

  • 9

    Google Calendar

    It's all about schedule management. We live by our shared calendar—meetings, deadlines, carpools—Like old school Tetris, this helps us slot it all together without drowning.

  • 10

    Xbox Kinect

    This is for when that call we've been waiting for all day finally comes as our kids are walking in. Julie's kids play Skylanders, Paulette's play MLB2K12. We heard they also have some exercise stuff too... not that we'd know.

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