Rachel Loren

Rachel Loren, Co-Founder of Loren Stewart


the 10
things I always keep in my car

When it comes to the forces behind Los Angeles-based jewelry line Loren Stewart, co-founders RACHEL LOREN, Satya Stewart and Annah Stewart-Zafrani seem to do it all. They balance their demanding day jobs as a television consultant, emergency room doctor, and movie marketing executive while raising their families -- they've got seven kids between them -- which is enough to make us wonder if there's a 25th hour hidden in each of their days. Rachel swears that it's the sheer amount of time she spends on the road that gets her creative juices flowing: She not only shuttles her children around, but takes bauble samples from her yurt studio (seriously) in Mt. Washington to Downtown L.A. where she oversees the brand's manufacturing.

We had to know how she survives the drive, so we tapped Loren Stewart designer Rachel Loren for the 12 things she always keeps in her car.

  • 1

    MATTA Dupatta Scarf

    I generally keep a couple keffiyehs and scarves in my car. Right now, this Iraja Stole in indigo and white is my favorite. I just love to wrap myself in it to break the chill.

  • 2

    Warby Parker Glasses

    I'm into glasses and I love this company. I keep a pair called "Fillmore" in my car in case I'm in the mood to switch it up.

  • 3

    Black High-Top Air Jordans

    I'm into high tops. My new pair are black Air Jordans. I keep a pair in my car, in case I have time to slip in a hike at Griffith park.

  • 4

    Loren Stewart Gold Rod

    My gold rods never come out of my ears. I sleep in them, shower in them—I literally live in these earrings. No matter how unglamorous my clothes are, as long as I have my earrings on I always feel a little bit cool.

  • 5

    Klein Tool Bags

    These utilitarian electrical tool bags are multi functional, durable, and cool looking. I use the pouches to keep track of everything: Jewelry, tool storage, my wallet...

  • 6

    Cavendish & Harvey Drops

    This "English" candy is the perfect balance between tart and sweet—the sour lemon and pink grapefruit flavors are my favorite—and they are delightfully dusted with powdered sugar that gets all over your fingers. Also, it's good to have something on hand to bribe the kids with from time to time.

  • 7

    Tweezerman Tweezers

    I could open a pharmacy out of my car. I've got deodorant, tampons, Advil... But most important of all are tweezers. The lighting is better in my car than anywhere else, so wayward eyebrows don't get overlooked.

  • 8

    Obagi Nu-Derm Sunblock

    Sometimes it gets messy, but I have my kids apply their own sunblock in the morning as we are driving. Once we reach our destination, I rub in the white streaks. Obagi is really good for sensitive skin so it's great for the whole family.

  • 9

    Philosophy Hope in a Jar

    This moisturizer is super hydrating and absorbs quickly. I feel pampered and virtuous when I slather it on.

  • 10

    Pandora Internet Radio App

    The minute I get into the car, I plug in my iPhone and put on Pandora. My latest listening stations are The Temper Trap, M83, and Beach House. I drive a minivan, so any help I can get is good.

  • 11

    Earth's Best Baby Wipes

    I use them for everything—cleaning off kids, the car, myself, the windshield, whatever! I don't know what I would do without them.

  • 12

    MUJI Colored Pencil Set

    I'm obsessed with these Japanese colored pencils. They're great to keep kids occupied on drives, and also for jotting down ideas on the go.

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