Shiva Rose, Actress and Writer of The Local Rose

Shiva Rose, Actress and Writer of The Local Rose

the 10


things that make me bloom

After being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in her twenties, actress and writer SHIVA ROSE did a lifestyle about-face and became a staunch activist for a holistic and health-concious lifestyle. Bounding with clean recipes, beauty recommendations, and home tips that are more glamorous than granola, Shiva's eco-friendly blog The Local Rose is an absolute mecca for the stylish-cum-naturalist set. Because Shiva sits at the crux of stellar style and green living, we knew that a list of her favorite things would be beautiful, with a hand in good health.

Herewith, the 12 things that actress and writer Shiva Rose of The Local Rose has on her springtime wishlist.

  • 1

    Hourglass Cosmetics Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss

    The red lipstick in Icon is perfect for evenings out. There are no parabens or toxic chemicals so you can have glamour without the risk!

  • 2

    Roseark Candles

    I absolutely love the scent of the rose-saffron candles from Roseark (and they're made from natural soy ingredients).

  • 3

    Beatrice Valenzuela Sandals

    I have the brown ones and am now coveting the
    blue and black!

  • 4

    Heather Taylor Home

    Some linens for my nest. I like the colors and design for
    a cheerful feeling.

  • 5

    Clare Vivier Tote

    I wear this bag for everyday and even have the matching wallet. They also monogram your initials to the bags
    which makes it extra personalized and special.

  • 6

    Jenni Kayne D'Orsay Flats

    I am really yearning for a pair of these classics.

  • 7

    Electric Feathers Dress

    It's hippie-chic, modern and romantic.

  • 8

    May Lindstrom Face Masks

    These all-natural masks make my face tingle and
    look luminous.

  • 9

    The Art of Simple Food

    A great cookbook by Alice Waters, with easy recipes for organic goodness.

  • 10

    Moon Juice Golden Milk

    I love this combination of organic almond milk, turmeric and cinnamon from Moon Juice in Venice Beach, CA. I feel like I'm drinking goodness every time I get a bottle.

  • 11

    Wire Baskets

    These are the wire baskets that I use in my home. I like to use them for eggs, household cleaning products and more!

  • 12

    Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

    I like having this in my purse or car for when my skin feels dry. I put it everywhere and love that's it's non-toxic and reasonably priced.

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