Svetlana Legetic, Co-Founder + Editor of Brightest Young Things

Svetlana Legetic, Co-Founder + Editor of Brightest Young Things

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things you need to look rested when you haven't slept in 5 years

The New York Times called website Brightest Young Things an "...organizing juggernaut that has become the locus of Washington's new-cool art and music scene". Calling the shots is co-founder (and one of GQ Mag's 50 most powerful people in DC) SVETLANA LEGETIC, who not only helps run the biggest independently owned cultural website, but juggles over eighty contributors who churn out daily articles dedicated to all things good happening in the nation's capital, all the while making headway with BYT NYC. Svetlana likes her life. A lot. She just doesn't get to sleep all that much, but she's gotten pretty good at faking it.

Herewith, the 11 things Brightest Young Things' Svetlana Legetic relies on to look well-rested, even if she isn't.

  • 1

    Bobbi Brown Beach Body Oil

    I know this is normally a seasonal thing, but I swear these have an aromatherapy effect on me. Slather it on and instantly project a vibe of someone who winters in the beaches of Saint-Thomas.

  • 2

    Estee Lauder Idealist Serum

    Apply it all over your face and neck. ALL OVER. It is combination primer, anti-aging, pore refiner AND has ridiculous reflective tidbits of pure diamonds (or something...) that makes you look WAY better in photos.

  • 3

    Stilla Liquid Luminizer in
    Kitten Shimmer

    Put on top of the pot rouge (see #5). All of a sudden, you have cheekbones that are oh-so-subtly glowing. It's less drag-queen-y than contouring (and so much more flattering). Also, it looks like there is nothing on your skin, which is the way to go.

  • 4

    OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark
    Nail Polish

    Here is what a great manicure is: Short nails, bold but classic color, no fuss. Even if the rest of you is a disaster, a good looking pair of hands makes you seem like a well taken care of power player.

  • 5

    Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Rose

    I was never that into convertible color pots (what is good for my cheek cannot possibly be good for my lip, right?) but this rose-colored tint is a perfect light stain that makes you look like a better version of yourself. And if you're feeling more bold, layer it on.

  • 6

    Kiehl’s Lip Balm

    This is like a spa for your lips.

  • 7

    Diorskin Forever Foundation

    Put this on your face and neck after applying the Idealist Serum. I have never had a foundation go on this smooth, stay on this long, and still feel light. Plus, your cheeks will feel like velvet and your under eye circles will be long gone.

  • 8

    J.Crew Crystal Crush Necklace

    An eye catching bauble goes a long way in distracting people from your tortured self. Also, shiny things reflect color on your face.

  • 9

    Bumble & bumble Let it Shine Shampoo & Thickening Conditioner

    If your hair is shiny, healthy and full of body, it can cover up all manner of skin ailments. Use these two and then apply some ungodly mix of their shine-on spray and surf spray, and your hair looks like it just came back from vacation.

  • 10

    A Good Eyebrow Wax

    This will open those peepers up, even if they are not open, naturally.

  • 11

    Apple iPod

    So I can play Junior Boys "In the Morning".

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