Tess Bethun, Interior Designere

Tess Bethune, Interior Designer


the 10
things I rely on to create stylish, family-friendly playrooms

Designing a playroom that appeals to kids and grown-ups alike can feel like a tug of war, but Santa Monica-based interior designer TESS BETHUNE has a knack for ending the generational style struggle. By combining imaginative and practical pieces—with a few natural elements thrown in for good measure—Bethune taps into those universally appealing elements all families crave (think cuddle zones and storage solutions).

Here, interior designer Tess Bethune shares 12 chic and functional resources that help make up a cozy, stylish, and family-friendly play space.

  • 1

    Hedgehouse Throw Bed

    These throw beds by Hedgehouse are great for napping, snuggling, reading, or watching a movie. I love the soft, washable linen cover that rolls up for easy storage. They're also great for the beach or park.

  • 2

    Perennials Fabrics

    Stain-resistant fabrics are a must for built-in seating areas. This denim-like fabric can handle wear and tear while still looking sharp.

  • 3


    This new gadget plays your Instagram and Facebook feeds on a loop at triple size. Load your family candids and keep your favorite works of art on permanent rotation.

  • 4

    Ninetonine Deskhouse

    This art desk/playhouse is a good work surface for drawing, coloring, and finger painting. It also makes a great hiding place and fort, too. The size works well for an integrated family room and it's made from easy-to-clean, eco-friendly materials.

  • 5

    Vermont Branch Company Hooks

    These adorable hooks made from birch trees bring the outdoors in. Perfect for coats and costumes.

  • 6

    Madecraft Jukebox

    You can play your kids' playlists or your grown-up stations through the iPad or iPhone on this handmade iVictrola. The sound quality is amazing, making it a beautiful blend of modern technology and vintage whimsy. Made to order.

  • 7

    West Elm Woven Felt Baskets

    A little more grown up, these baskets can hold a variety of toys, throws, or magazines in an integrated family room.

  • 8

    Bigso Stokholm Letter Boxes

    These come in bright, kid-friendly colors and hide all manner of clutter like games, DVDs, robots, and cars.

  • 9

    This is Dutch Cabinets

    These multi-functional cabinets from This is Dutch are great for storage and imagination. They work in any playroom, bedroom, or family room. Plus, they come in twelve colors to match your decor.

  • 10

    FLOR Carpet Tiles

    Fluffy rugs or carpets create a soft landing for rough and tumble kids (and pets). Carpet tiles are cozy and versatile: Use them for wall-to-wall carpeting or create a custom-sized rug. Plus, they can be easily replaced when accidents happen.

  • 11

    Serena & Lily Rolling Carts

    Catchall rolling carts fit snuggly under bench seats or coffee tables. The vintage wood makes them perfect for any room.

  • 12

    Pottery Barn Kids Canvas Monogrammed Buckets

    An organized room makes it easy for everyone to relax and enjoy. These monogrammed buckets encourage youngsters to pick up and read, too!

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