Valerie Gordon, Founder of Valerie Confections

Valerie Gordon, Founder of Valerie Confections

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things I lean on when I entertain

Over on the east side of Los Angeles, VALERIE GORDON has slowly—truffle by truffle—been building a Confections empire. Since 2004, she's been turning out delicate toffees, indescribably delicious cookies, mint-laced chocolates, and every conceivable variation of pie, cake, and shortbread. Since it's downright impossible to escape her shop with packages intact, her website is an excellent—and safer—pitstop for gifts. It should come as no big surprise that invitations to Gordon's home table are hard fought for in LA, which is why we asked the much-heralded entertainer for a few tips on the small touches that make a good dinner party great.

Here, the 11 things that Valerie Gordon leans on when she entertains.

Plenty--Vibrant Recipes from London's Ottolenghi
Cutting Board
Duck Prosciutto
Big Dipper Beeswax Candles
Farmer's Market
Heath Ceramics Glasses
Place Cards
Cake Stand
Valerie Confections Chocolate
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