Zoe Schaeffer, Founder of Macaroon Original

Zoe Schaeffer, Founder of Macaroon Original

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things I would totally buy off my pinterest boards

ZOE SCHAEFFER calls herself a "hunter-gatherer," but we think that's far too modest a description for someone with such an uncanny sense for spying trends and treasures. As a longtime beauty editor turned high-end shop owner, turned freelance writer and blogger, there's not a potion, product, or designer that Zoe hasn't heard of—and often heard of first. Following the birth of her second daughter (number three arrived earlier this year), the LA mama turned her impeccable eye towards the wee ones market, launching a site for parents as style-obsessed as herself: Macaroon Original. But, sometimes, we need a bigger fix. Enter Zoe's Pinterest! Chock full of the fantastic,

here are 14 things Zoe Schaeffer would really buy off her boards.

  • 1

    Free People Marlow Studded Backpack

    I think I re-pinned this from my friend Aimee, who is a super hipster. It would be fun for Gemma when she's a bit older—and out of the torturous princess stage.

  • 2

    Turquoise Aggie Boxes

    I bought gorgeous vintage wallpaper boxes for my first two daughters when they were born, and I keep special letters and keepsakes in them. When I found out that the company closed, I had to look for another pretty box for my baby. This marble one is a top contender.

  • 3

    Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

    Gourmet ice cream sandwiches have changed the summer barbeque game for me. I have yet to find someone whose face doesn't light up at the end of a meal when these puppies are presented.

  • 4

    Mason Jar Sippers

    I'm always looking for cute little things for the kid's birthday parties and these mason jar sippers have so much charm. I'd add striped straws to make them less precious.

  • 5

    Jess Brown Doll

    These are my all-time favorite splurges for my ladybugs. Every season a new doll comes out and I fantasize about collecting them all and lining them across the bookshelf. Well, it's that or private school.

  • 6

    Simonetta Girls Wool Hat

    I let my kids wear whatever they want (to satisfy their creative expression, blah, blah, blah,) but I usually force them to wear accessories against their will. I love me a good headdress, fingerless glove, or flower garland. This hat is next.

  • 7

    Tom Binns Swarovski Crystal Necklace

    I used to own a store and we bought Tom Binns jewelry when it was still a bit under the radar. The second I entered the showroom it was love at first sight.

  • 8

    C-Back Occasional Chairs

    Is it weird to have a dream chair? Everything about these... the color, the juxtaposition of materials, the shape.
    Comfy? Doesn't really look it, not so much, but nothing is totally perfect.

  • 9

    Tamara Magel Throw Pillows

    I'm constantly designing my next house in my head. I love, love, love designing interiors. If our next move is into a
    mid-century home, these groovy floor pillows will be front and center.

  • 10

    Converse Kids Dr. Seuss High Top

    I love a good collaborative effort, especially when Converse is involved. These kicks would be amazing with a dress.

  • 11

    Little Marc Fuchsia Miss Marc Vest

    The Little Marc graphics are too cute to pass over. My baby has a onesie from the brand and wears it with mad attitude.

  • 12

    Joe Cariati Petit Decanter Collection

    One day I'll buy this entire collection of blown glass decanters, line them across a stark white windowsill and worship them collectively.

  • 13

    Atsuyo et Akiko Grey Tutu

    With three girls, you can never have enough tutus. This one is super dope and is stylish enough to be worn outside of dress-up.

  • 14

    Shourouk Igor Jumbo Bag

    I know this designer is blowing up, but I just love her evening bags. Against the PVC material, the chunky crystals don't look so precious.

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