Atop her jet-black unicorn, this graceful maiden takes a secret journey through deepest night. A stunning storybook statue that's sure to star in your fantasy collection!Midnight Fairy... Midnight Fairy Figurine

Midnight Fairy Figurine

By Isidore Jules Bonheur (1827-1901) The timeless symbolic battle of the bear and bull are here played out in exquisite tension, exhibiting intricate texture and bulging muscle tone.... Bull Bear Duel Wall Street Quality Lost Wax Bronze Statue Sculpture Figurine

Bull Bear Duel Wall Street Quality...

With her spotted coat and wide-set eyes, our scaled dairy cow promises to stand prettily while bringing a friendly smile to home or garden! At nearly three feet long and artistically cast... 53" Life Size Domestic Animal Dairy Cow Statue Sculpture Figurine

53" Life Size Domestic Animal Dairy...

Dimensions: 11L x 4W x 7H in.. Ceramic construction. Available in a white finish. Features a dog shape. Designed for indoor use. Complete your canine collection with the Benzara Resin Dog... Benzara Resin Dog Figurine Sculpture - HRT-78286

Benzara Resin Dog Figurine Sculpture...

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Dimensions: 9.5L x 10.5W x 26.5H in.. Constructed of weather-resistant resin. Red and white finish. Jesus and sheep design. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Create a peaceful garden... Hi-Line Gift Ltd. Jesus with Sheep Figurine Garden Statue - 81703

Hi-Line Gift Ltd. Jesus with Sheep...

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Lenox Mickey And Minnie Singing In The Rain Figurine. Mickey and Minnie snuggle under an umbrella in this romantic sculpture. Both are fully decked out for the rain in galoshes, raincoats... Lenox Mickey and Minnie Singing in the Rain Figurine

Lenox Mickey and Minnie Singing in...

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Ancient Egyptians believed cats to be the embodiment of Bastet, the goddess of the sun s warmth and life-giving power. Cats were so revered that they were often mummified upon death and... 47" Ancient Egyptian Large Cat Goddess Bastet Statue Sculpture Figurine

47" Ancient Egyptian Large Cat...

This Is Bronze African Lion Head Wall Mount, A Hunter'S Trophy, Of A Magnificent Creature. It'S Vivacity Mummified For Ages. It Is Interesting That The Lion Is Considered By Many Ancient... Signed Original Large Wall Mount Lion Head Bust Bronze Sculpture Figurine Figure

Signed Original Large Wall Mount Lion...

Based on an original in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo; The artist depicts the powerful King Tut drawing back his arrow in this replica of a treasured work of antiquity. Cast in quality... Classic Egyptian Museum Replica Collectible King Tut Statue Sculpture Figurine

Classic Egyptian Museum Replica...

Symbolize peace. Cast in the traditional lost wax bronze method and piped for fountain use. Like those seen in traditional English gardens, these Asian symbols of peace are lifelike, lost... 25" Asian Home Garden Bird Bronze Statue Sculpture Figurine Crane Set

25" Asian Home Garden Bird Bronze...

Delight in the joy of pure praise with this darling little girl statue raising her arms full of feathered friends! This magnificent girl sculpture is cast in quality designer resin and... 18" Hands Wide Little Girl Statue Sculpture Figurine

18" Hands Wide Little Girl Statue...

The Greek goddess of justice is artistically sculpted in this work perfect for home gallery or law office. Blindfolded for impartiality and balancing the scales of truth, Themis transcends... 16"H Greek Goddess of Blindfolded Justice Bronze Statue Sculpture Figurine

16"H Greek Goddess of Blindfolded...

This Is A Bronze Sculpture Of An Italian Greyhound Which Is The Smallest Of The Sight-Hounds. The Docile Nature Of The Dog Is Seen Through It'S Body Language As The Dog Cowers, Pulling Its... Signed Villanis Strong Greyhound Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Statue Figurine Sa

Signed Villanis Strong Greyhound...

Few can deny the tug-at-the-heartstrings draw of this timeless image of man's best friend. Designed in Bagni di Lucca, Italy by the artisans of the renowned Castagna workshop, each... Dalmation Puppy Dog Statue Sculpture Figurine

Dalmation Puppy Dog Statue Sculpture...

A quaint owl rests upon his perch, looking out into the night sky. His innate ability to listen keeps him occupied as he listens to the sounds of the night, waiting to hear the scurry of a... Art Deco Owl , Pure Vienna Bronze Statue, on A Marble Base Figurine Sculpture

Art Deco Owl , Pure Vienna Bronze...

Themis, the Greek goddess of justice, is blindfolded for impartiality and traditionally holds balanced scales and a sword. Our elegant sculptures proudly display the same amazing details.... 36.5" Greek Goddess of Justice Law Office Statue Sculpture Figurine

36.5" Greek Goddess of Justice Law...

The Wild Boar Looks Out At The Beholder Free And Defiant Coming Out Of The Forest'S Edge To Forage For Food In The Late Afternoon. From Head To Tail, His Attitude Demonstrates A Bold... Art Deco Hot Cast Wild Pig Boar Farm Bronze Animal Sculpture Statue Figurine

Art Deco Hot Cast Wild Pig Boar Farm...

This Is A Real Bronze Coated In 24K Real Gold. Each Sculpture Is Crafted By Hand And Electroplated With A Secret Technique. You Can See The Great Detail And Craftmanship. It Takes 3-6... Massive 24K Gold Plated Genuine Bronze Stallion Horse Sculpture Statue Figurine

Massive 24K Gold Plated Genuine...

This grand, nearly three-foot-tall, collectible Egyptian urn sculpture pays homage to Khnum, the ram-headed god who created mankind. Fraught with the rich history and culture of an ancient... 29.5" Classic Egyptian Statue God Khnum Pedestal Urn Statue Sculpture Figurine

29.5" Classic Egyptian Statue God...

A Native American Indian Gallops Across The Desert With His Horse. Armed With A Spear, He Leans Into His Horse'S Body, Ready To Attack. The Horse Keeps His Head Low, Its Nose Pointed... Modern Art Detailed American Indian Chief Riding Horse Bronze Sculpture Figurine

Modern Art Detailed American Indian...

This Gorgeous Bronze Bust Of A Horse Is Unique And Filled With A Raging Vibe Of Energy. The Horse Seems To Be Excited Or Spooked. He Bends His Head Down Towards His Body As His Hair Flows... Original Milo Gorgeous Bust Horse Head Bronze Sculpture Art Deco Figurine Figure

Original Milo Gorgeous Bust Horse...

Graceful Chihuahua In Hoodie , Bronze Sculpture, By Portuguese Artist Milo. This Bronze Sculpture Was Produced Using The Lost Wax Casting Method. The Lost Wax Cast Method Is The Most... Cute Chihuahua Dog In Hooded Sweater Bronze Sculpture Figurine Statue Hot Cast

Cute Chihuahua Dog In Hooded Sweater...

A Magical Mermaid Rides The Back Of A Dolphin. As The Dolphin Breaks The Surface, She Tilts Her Head Back And Brings A Seashell To Her Lips. She Blows Gently And A Soft Hum Awakens All Of... Bronze Mermaid With Dolphin Fish Bronze Statue Sculpture Figurine

Bronze Mermaid With Dolphin Fish...

Lord Buddha carved in copper brass with EARTH TOUCHING Mudra carving. so that every detail of sculpture shows very beautifully.Sitting Buddha peacefully, right hand of buddha on the the... Buddhist Brass Statue Buddha Earth Touching Mudra Sculpture Religious Figurine

Buddhist Brass Statue Buddha Earth...

This Is A Unique Representation Of The Famous Artist, Michelangelo'S Painting, "The Creation Of Adam". The Painting Is A Section Of Michelangelo'S Fresco Sistine Chapel Ceiling Painted... Signed Dali Touching Hand Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Statue Figurine Figure

Signed Dali Touching Hand Bronze...

A Large And Ferocious Black Bear Looking For His Next Meal. Angry Is Apparent In Its Eyes As He Frightens His Prey Or Rival. His Fur Grows Thick All Over. This Husky Bear Is Force To Be... Vienna Bronze Black Ferocious Bear Bronze Sculpture Art Deco Statue Figurine

Vienna Bronze Black Ferocious Bear...

Bronze Drum Set Figurine - Add A Special Touch To Your Decor With This Amazing Cast Bronze Drummer Figurine. This Beautiful Work Of Art Is A Statue Figurine Featuring A Drummer Playing The... Bronze Drum Set Figurine Amazing Lost Cast Bronze Sculpture Marble Statue Decor

Bronze Drum Set Figurine Amazing Lost...

With a face this fierce, who will be the last man standing Few dare approach our loyal castle guard gargoyle statue whose menacingly sharp claws and spiny wings are only overshadowed by the... Gothic Medieval Castle Gargoyle Dragon Statue Sculpture Figurine

Gothic Medieval Castle Gargoyle...

by artist Alison Hollow; With flying hooves and corkscrew tails, this contemporary tongue-in-cheek pig sculpture is sure to dance its way into your heart - and your decor! Our is humorously... Pig Dancers Bronze Finish Statue Sculpture Figurine

Pig Dancers Bronze Finish Statue...

This Gorgeous Bronze Bust Of A Horse Is Unique And Filled With A Raging Vibe Of Energy. The Horse Seems To Be Excited Or Spooked. He Bends His Head Down Towards His Body As His Hair Flows... Abstract Modern Art Horse Head Bust Bronze Sculpture Marble Base Statue Figurine

Abstract Modern Art Horse Head Bust...