The Perfect Bronze Tan: No Sun Necessary!

It's no surprise that in the dead of winter we'd all like to pretend we just got back from a sun-kissed vacation (though let's be honest, we slather
on our SPF). Here, celeb-touted makeup guru JACQUELINE BUSH shows us how to recreate that healthy beach bum look without stepping outside.


Jacqueline Bush: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush, contributing make up artist and hairstylist for Today I'm going to show you how to get a beachy bronzed look on darker skin. We're starting with a primer to perfect and even out her skin tone. Take in a small amount. I always like to start on the T zone and then bring it down a little on the chin.

Next is a green based concealer Ben Nye makes a great one, as you can see this has a green to it that's going to knock out the red. I'm going to dab a little bit on a few blemishes she has, not being too too particular about it.To highlight I'm going to take my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat and dab a little bit on the inner rims of the eyes, the tips of the eyes and the top of the cheekbone. That's just bringing out the natural highlight. Around the nose there's always a little bit of redness there right above the lip, right under the lip.

I'm taking a foundation that's actually darker than her natural skin tone a very tiny amount I'm just dabbing it on my fingers. I'm going to get right underneath her cheekbone. The reason is it gives a bit more of an angle and it'll make them look a little bit stonger and more dramatic. I'm going to take a touch more just put it on the crease of the eye.

Part of the thing with the bronzed's very subtle, very natural.I'm going to take dark foundation and mix it with the one that matches her skin tone. I'm going to add a touch of the dark about one quarter to three quarters and then I'm going to add a little bit...this is MAC's Strobe Highlighting cream. This is a moisturizer but I like a dewy finish on bronze look. I'm going to add a touch of that just to thin out the foundation slightly. I can assure you as I put it on that it's matching the skin. For quick application, using the fingers are nice.

To blend I'm going to take my sponge and apply cream based blush just a little bit to the apples of the cheeks. We're going to go back on top of it with the bronzer and a blush. Mix these two together and apply it right along her cheeks, fanning up towards the temple.I'm going to take my highlighter, tapping off the excess, and just around the temples I'm going to add a touch...down to the apples of the cheeks. Going back with bronzer, again, around the temples, blending out her eye.

To give her a light lip I'm going to mix two colors together one darker one and one peach based. Starting with the peach, adding a little bit of the dark one into it. Mix those together so it creates a nice rosy stain with the bronzed look you just want it more on the natural end.

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