Brigitte Bardot Hair: in 3 Minutes

Though the power of a come-hither pout is undeniable, we suggest channeling the ooh la la locks of '60s bombshell
Brigitte Bardot for a sultry date-night look. Here, we show you how to evoke the iconic height, volume and tousle in 3 minutes flat.


Jacqueline Bush: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush contributing makeup artist stylist and hairstylist for, I'm going to show you a quick trick for how to get Brigette Bardot hair in three minutes.


The first thing I want to show you is on long hair. One of the things that gives that Brigette Bardot feel is having a few short pieces in the front like our model has here.They don't have to be super short, and they don't have to be a lot, just a small section. I'm going to show you how to tease the hair and get it to stay.

The first part of getting a good tease is having the right comb or brush to tease your hair. This is a specific teasing brush. As you notice, the bristles are placed closed together, and they're very stiff.That's going to really get in there and get enough of the hair down teased underneath that it's going to give it a strong foundation. Starting at the top where your natural part is, I'm going to take this small section.A good rule of thumb is, when you go down to the front of the ear, it is where you want to start your teasing from, everything behind that. If we start in front here, that's a little too much in.

We're going to take this first section. As you noticed, I combed in on a slight diagonal. The key when you tease is taking the comb or brush and creating a C shape as you go down. Rather than just going straight up and down in a vertical motion, you want to do a C shape motion.Start creating your C and going down to the base, coming back out. Now we're going to go to the very important part, the very top of the crown. This is where it needs the volume the most.

We're going to come back here and take another small section. We're doing our C shape. Then we're going to go around the other side. Now we're going to take our brush and lightly smooth. You see I'm holding the hair up from underneath so I don't take out too much of the volume. Just lightly smooth out.

Now what we want to do...The other important part. Remember that important crowned section that I was talking about? We want to connect this, because it needs the bump going backwards. Taking our comb, coming down...You see that it hits on her about an inch back from the ear?

That's where we want to start our section to connect the hair to give it the bump in the back. Taking that and combing it, smoothing it on top, and then perhaps lifting it a little more. Now that we're connecting this, you can see from the front that she has a lot more volume. I'm holding it with my hands in the back. What I'm going to do now is take a little hair spray, and we're going to spray the front area and the back to keep that lift in place.

[music]Now I'm going to take a wide tooth comb and tease out a little bit underneath to make it a little shaggier. I'm going to do our C shape motion, adding a little hair spray to get it to hold. I'm using my fingers to break up the teasing just a little bit wherever it's too heavy or looks a little too messy.

To finish this off, I'm going to spray one more time focusing on this area to keep that lift in there making sure it's holding all day. Even if you're at home, you can flip your head over and spray underneath. That gives it a little bit of body underneath. That's how you get Brigitte Bardot hair in three minutes.

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