First dates are always exciting, wherever you may be headed: But figuring out your first impression can be stressful, too.
We've boiled it down to a handful of easy-to-pull off outfits that emphasize comfort—and a nice shot of style.


Diana: Today we're here with Peter Adrian who's one of our favorite men's street style bloggers from the blog The Hobbyist. We're going to be showing three different looks to wear for a date.

For this first look, Peter is wearing a look for a picnic date. He's wearing a floral print shirt, which is a print that not a lot of guys wear anymore, but is actually really fitting with this outdoorsy theme. Remember to keep it low-key with a pair of khaki trousers.

For this next look, Peter's dressed for an amusement park date. The key here is comfort. He's wearing a lot of easy neutrals -- black and white, a lot of denim -- but with an unexpected twist. Instead of sneakers, which you see a lot of at amusement parks, he's wearing desert boots, which are comfortable but still cool.

In this last look, Peter's dressed for a night time date, maybe a bar or a casual bite to eat. Remember, keep your colors muted. A dark plaid shirt, a dark jacket and dark denim jeans are really edgy and cool. Don't be afraid of a little leather. The shine adds texture to an otherwise muted outfit.

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