RUTH and REBECCA—personal shoppers, celebrity stylists, and owners of A Clothes Call—are no strangers to
creative styling. Here, they demonstrate how to incorporate a studded ankle bootie into a week's worth of outfits.

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Elise: Hi I'm Elise from Beso.com, and welcome to our new video series five days, five ways, starring the styling duo, Ruth and Rebecca, from A Clothes Call.

Ruth: I'm Ruth.

Rebecca: and I'm Rebecca.

Ruth: and this is Five Days, Five ways.

Rebecca: Today, we're focusing on the embellished bootie.

Ruth: Look number one, we've paired it with a watered-down version of our mexican dress that we're seeing so much of this season.

Rebecca: And we love how it's stark white, and then we're oppsoing that with this little ankle bootie that's really gonna pop.

Ruth: Grab the coveted army jacket for a little more coverage, and you're on your way.

Ruth: Day two, we've taken our embellished boot and put it with a favorite boyfriend jean.

Rebecca: And one of our staple tees: a grey pocket t-shirt.

Ruth: Make it your own: grab your favorite scarf and you're good to go.

Ruth:Day Three, we've taken our embellished boot and put it with a much sportier look, just adding to the versatility of the boot that you're gonna wear throughout the season.

Rebecca: Everyone knows that a big trend this season happens to be sporty, and here we've taken a gym short that is a really cool light chambray and paired it with a navy fitted sweatshirt. We love this look.

Ruth: Day Four, we've taken our embellished boot, and we've put it with a basic t-shirt dress.

Rebecca: And as you can see, one way to dress up your very simple t-shirt dress is by adding a great black tuxedo blazer.

Ruth: Keep it sleek, and keep it monochromatic.

Ruth: And finally, for day five, why not take your embellished bootie and put it with a classic white jean?

Rebecca: Then, let's add a little bit of drama up top. Here's a great blousy-sleeve blouse in black, so you have black, white, and finally with your little booties.

Elise: Thanks so much for watching. For more tips, tricks, and of course, shopping, come hang out with us at beso.com.