Flower Arranging 101

You don't have to be a horticulture whiz to deck out your home with artfully composed blooms. Here, three simple
flower styling tricks to have you whipping up florist-worthy arrangements with ease.


Kate Wolfson: Hi. I'm Kate, an editor here at Beso.com, the site devoted to shopping. A lush centerpiece can bring so much light into an otherwise drab tablescape. We'll show you three different ways to use flowers from your local grocery store to create beautiful arrangements.

We're used to relying on flowers for all the color. Here, we're going to try and use some colorful bases instead, keeping the flowers neutral. A single calla lily will go on our smallest vase.When you trim the stem, make sure you cut on the bias to keep the flower alive longer.

For a second base, we're going to use two longer stemmed flowers. Make sure to cut one shorter. The other one a little bit longer, and place them in a medium sized vase.For the last one, we're going to use a whole bunch of flowers including filler flowers, cutting them all at different lengths.

Keep all the bases group together for simple everyday arrangement. To build a classic standalone bouquet, you need to keep three things in mind. We're going to use fller greens cut into three separate peers, the longest in back and shortest in front as the basis for the whole bouquet.

For your main blooms, choose a flower with a bright bulb. Cut them at different lengths and place them between the filler greens. Finish it with wispier elements, like these tall blades.Cut them at various lengths and place them all over the bouquet.

This bouquet will make a super dramatic statement if you place it in your entry way. Now, we'll show you an easy and super low maintenance way to keep fresh flowers around the house.You could either use short low to the surface vases or just some pretty bowls you have lying around the house. Fill them with water about halfway. Use colorful flowers and cut them right at the bulb, and simply float it in one of the vases.

You could also take smaller bulbs, also cut right at the bulb and float several in the base. Whether you put this on your bathroom counter or your bedside table, it will be sure to put a smile on your face.For more tips and tricks, come hang with us at Beso.com.