Whether the invitation stipulates cocktail or black-tie, we're betting you can get the best-dressed award (after the bride, of course).

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Elise Loehnen: Hi. I'm Elise, the editor-in-chief of beso.com, the site devoted to shopping.

Diana Ryu: I'm Diana, the fashion editor.

Elise: Today, we're going to talk about what to wear to a wedding.


Elise: When the invitation reads "formal," or it's an evening wedding but it's not black tie, you can go for a nice fitted cocktail dress. If it's black tie, just be safe. Go for something that's floor-length.

Here, Diana's wearing a navy blue dress. It's not actually black, though I believe you can wear black to a wedding as long as you make the accessories a little less somber. It has this great detailing here. It's beautiful. It's slightly eye-catching, but it's not going to draw attention from the bride.

In this next look, Diana is dressed for a city afternoon wedding. For events like this, they're usually a little bit more out of the box and a little less formal. She's gone with a really colorful, fun dress. It's a "look-at-me" shade but the cut is relatively conservative, and it's not going to draw too much attention.

In our final look, Diana is dressed for a beach wedding. For events like that, they're totally low-key and relaxed. She's wearing a vintage dress. If there was ever a reason to bust out a vintage dress, it's for a wedding like that.

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