Slick roots can make your hair (and day) fall flat: A sprinkle of dry shampoo and some quick down-and-dirty tricks will make you look squeaky
clean in minutes. (In fact, your hair might look even better than when it's freshly washed.) Celebrity hair guru Jacqueline Bush shows us how!


Jacqueline Bush: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush, contributing makeup artist and hair stylist for Today, we're going to show you two ways to use dry shampoo.

This is my favorite dry shampoo on the market. The beautiful thing about dry shampoo is it can soak up grease and it can also give volume. For example, in the morning, you don't have time to take shower, or after working out, you can spray dry shampoo at your roots, and it will soak up the oil.The other thing that it does is sometimes, as a red carpet trick what I do or when I'm styling for a photo shoot, is I'll spray on the style after I finish styling. It will give that little extra boost and volume.

You're going to shake it up, at first, to activate the product. Then taking sections, for example, if you're oily around here, greasy, or a little flat, what I'm going to do for her, since she's a little bit flat on top, is take a section and start in about six inches away from the scalp. We're going to spray on the roots.See how it gets a little white? Then the mid shaft. Then we're going to spray the next section.

After we've done that, what we're going to do is take our blow dryer, and we're going to blow dry each section. After we blow dry and it gets really hot, we're just going to hold each section for a couple of seconds, so the heat has a bit of time to cool down. That's what's going to keep that volume in place.

After we blow dry the sections that we spray the dry shampoo in, we're going to go ahead and just lift the hair off the roots. Just a moment so that the hair, it feels a little warm still, gives it a little bit of extra time to cool

Then we're going to take some hairspray and just spray about six inches away from the hair, still holding it off the root. After keeping your hands in the hair, still holding that off the root for a few moments after spraying the hairspray on it, then we can let it fall. As you notice, she has a little bit more body and life on the crown area of her hair.Those are two uses of the dry shampoo.

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