It may seem super-intricate, but this criss-cross is much easier than it looks (and is our answer to bad hair days).
Bonus: You'll be out of the beauty chair in under ten minutes.


Jacqueline Bush: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush, contributing makeup artist and hair stylist for Today, I'm going to show you how to do a front braid.

For the first section, starting at either the front or the back probably easier on yourself to do it from the front I'm going to do a relatively wide section, starting here. Then what we're going to do is, taking our two fingers, we're going to divide that top section into three.

Now we're going to start at the front, going on top of the center, and we're going to bring the back piece and bring it on top of the center. The next time we do it we're going to connect this piece with some more of the front hair, and we're going to put that on top of the center. We're going to take the back piece and take some hair from the back, adding that to that section.

You continue along the shape of the head, making sure you're not pulling out by continuing along the shape of the head. You notice when I'm doing this, I'm not too worried about it being even, and I'm not braiding really tight. You can braid tight if you like. I always like things a little bit more undone.Now that we have this, we're going to continue braiding that until we have no more hair left. Then we're going to secure it with a little rubber band, and we're going to repeat the same thing on the other side, and then we're going to connect the braid.

Now that we have everything braided back, one thing that gives it that undone look is having a few artful pieces kind of coming out of the braid. I'm going back through and just softly bringing it out a little bit out of the braid and loosening up the braid a little bit, just enough, before I secure the back two pieces.Now what we're going to do with this braid, we're going to fold it under because her hair's quite long. Fold it under again, and then place it right underneath the connection to the other braid. We're going to secure it with bobby pins. We're going to take this braid and bring it across, so now it goes all the way, following the shape. We're going to push this braid up into that other section so it disappears, using your pins as an anchor, crossing them in an X formation.

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