5 Minute Beach Waves

he formula for that coveted surfer girl wave doesn't have to involve sea water and sun damage: Here, our easy breezy
guide to nailing a tousled, fresh from the beach look, fast.


Jacqueline Bush: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush, contributing makeup artist and hair stylist for Beso.com. Today we're going to do a quick video on how to achieve beach waves in five minutes.


Jacqueline: So, one of the important things to remember with beach waves is that beach waves don't all go in the same direction. So we're going to section off the top part of the hair. Then we're going to take two different-sized irons, OK? So I have a very large one, and then I have a medium-sized iron. And this is what's going to help create a natural wave, which is what beach waves are.

So now what I'm going to do is, alternating irons, without worrying too much about which size, and alternating directions, we're going to take a few random sections around the base of the hair, and then we're going to do the same thing around the top.

Then I'm going to take my next iron, take another section. This time I'm going to wrap in the opposite direction, keeping that end in, but not holding it too long. Then I'm going to take the next section, wrap it around, as you can see, not paying much attention to time or direction, doesn't really matter, alternating irons and sections.

Now, you notice my sections are pretty big. That's OK. We're going to let the bottom curls cool, pull this top section down. And then, again, after deciding which way we want the hair to part, we're just going to curl a few sections, noticing she has some natural curl, so we can keep some of that.

The whole point of a beach wave, to do it quickly, is use some of your natural curl. You don't have to straighten it all out and then iron it all again, because it's supposed to look a little undone.

Then what you do is take a wave spray, and you're just going to spray a little of it throughout the hair. After you spray that in, just take your fingers...you see how I am starting at the root, just breaking it up and then running my fingers through it. Not breaking up too much of the curl, but just enough to give a natural beach wave texture.


Jacqueline: That's how you achieve beach waves in five minutes. For more tips and tricks come hang out with us at beso.com.