Easy Holiday Hair: The Chignon

Got a social calendar triple-booked with after-work soirees? Utilizing your daytime ponytail as the foundation for a chic,
party-ready chignon is a breeze with our step-by-step tutorial. Holiday tip: Add a glittery accessory for an extra festive touch.


Jacqueline Bush: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush, contributing makeup artist and hairstylist for beso.com. Today I'm going to show you how to do a chignon.

This is where we're going to start for our chignon. You notice her hair is just gently pulled back. It's not brushed too tight or pulled too neatly and too smoothly, because I always like something looking a little more unfinished, a little more natural.

The first thing we're going to do is spray this with hairspray, and then we're going to smooth it out. Just a little bit smoother, because the texture's a little too rough for my taste right now.

You're going to take your Mason Pearson brush, which is a smoothing brush. We're going to just gently brush on top and underneath, adding a bit more hairspray to the ends. Then we're going to take this, and we're going to twist it loosely. We're going to spray it one more time. You twist it, wrap it around.If you wrap it tight, you see that you have that little hole. Then you just press in the center, still holding the end, and loosen it back up.

Now what we're going to do, still holding this in place, we're going to take large U shaped pins, and secure one at each four corners. Just go in, secure to the base of the scalp, and bring it through. I'm going to give her one more at the base there.

That was how to get a chignon. For more tips and tricks, come hang out with us at beso.com.