Simple Ponytail

You've been rocking this low-maintenance do the same way since your days at the playground: Our resident hair
expert JACQUELINE BUSH demonstrates how to upgrade your humdrum ponytail with just a few easy-peasy tweaks.


Jacqueline Bush: Hi. I'm Jacqueline Bush, contributing hairstylist and makeup artist for Today, I'm going to show you how to finish off a ponytail.

To finish off this ponytail, a really quick easy trick, all you need are two things. You need your teasing brush or comb and some hairspray. Using the long ends of the comb, we're going to section out a small piece of hair from underneath the ponytail.

Taking this section, we're going to wrap it around the rubber band, so that will cover it. What you need to do first is on a sea shaped motion, you're going to tease the section of hair, then you're going to spray it so it will hold. Then you're going to smooth the underneath part of it because that will be the top section. Smooth that out then you're going to wrap it around the elastic two times, three, if you need, it. Then we're going to pin.Pinning underneath, we're going to take some of the hair and pin that to the scalp, going into the ponytail. One more time, creating an X under the X formation with a bobby pins to give it extra security.

Then for a little extra piece at top, we're going to spray a little more, then secure that. Spray one more time, using your fingers to smooth it down. That's my quick tip to for how to finish a ponytail.

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