Even if your nine-to-five doesn't leave much workwear wiggle room, suiting up doesn't have to leave you wading in a sea of
dull grays and drab separates: We'll show you three subtle ways to perk up your office attire, without breaking the dress code.


Kate Wolfson: Hi, I'm Kate.

Diana Ryu: I'm Diana.

Kate: We're editors at, the site devoted to shopping. There's no going around it, a suit, is a suit, is a suit. If you're anchored to a company that makes you wear one, we'll give you four subtle tricks to make it look just a little less corporate. There are only so many ways that you can wear a pastel blouse.

This floral one is feminine and pretty enough to still wear to the office. Thanks to the beading a regular t shirt is elevated for the office with just the right amount of shine. Sure, it's still a t shirt, but no one will be the wiser thanks to the subtle shine. A silk scarf breaks up your routine, plus it's a super easy conversation piece. If men can wear animals and their favorite sports teams on their ties, we can definitely do the same with our silk scarves.

Pile on the necklaces to break up a boring color palette. Just make sure to choose ones that are a little bit longer so they don't get lost under your collar. For more tips and tricks, come hang with us at