When it comes to wardrobe essentials, we are hard pressed to find one we lean on more than the chambray shirt. RUTH and REBECCA—personal
shoppers, celebrity stylists, and owners of A Clothes Call—demonstrate why the original denim work shirt is the hardest working item in your closet.


Elise: Hi, I'm Elise from And welcome to our new video series, "Five Days, Five Ways," starring the styling duo, Ruth and Rebecca, from "The Clothes Call."


Ruth: I'm Ruth.

Rebecca: And I'm Rebecca.

Ruth: And this is Five Days, Five Ways.

Rebecca: And here we are with one of our all-time favorite pieces, the Chambray Shirt.

Ruth: Worn for look one, over another all-time favorite, the Mexican dress.

Rebecca: And just to complete this look, add the boot of the season, the little bootie.

Ruth: Here we are on day two, where we've taken our ever versatile denim shirt, and worn it with a pair of jeans.

Rebecca: This is a fun way to play to denim on denim and make it one complete look, but it's super flattering and super sleek.

Ruth: Make it a bit cheeky. Tie it in a knot and give it your personal touch.

Rebecca: Here we are with look three, and we've taken the complete denim on denim look, but just added a fun take on a motorcycle jacket to top it off.

Ruth: Add the coveted studded boot, and you've got instant street cred.

Rebecca: For day four, we've taken the chambray shirt and paired it with a gauzy maxi-skirt.

Ruth: Add a pair of Swedish has-been clog boots, and you're bringing "Little House on the Prairie" into the city.

Rebecca: Here we are at day five, the last look for our chambray shirt.

Ruth: We've gone to extremes and taken our basic chambray shirt and put it with a bold cigarette pant.

Rebecca: We love completing it with a super sexy ankle boot, and you're good to go.

[music plays]

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