Don't think you're a red lipstick kind of girl? Think again. Arm yourself with a fiery shade to pump up a day-time look
or catapult a night on the town to a whole new level of glam. Herewith, our fail-proof guide to applying red lipstick.


Jacqueline: Hi, I'm Jacqueline Bush contributing makeup artist and hair stylist for beso.com. Today we are going to do a 90 second face, focusing on a strong lip.

Jacqueline: The first thing I'm going to do is spot conceal any marks of rednesses or blemishes on the face. Rather than covering the whole face with foundation, evening up the skin tone from any redness or blemishes, is a much more efficient way. It's easier to blend, and keeps your skin looking and fresh, letting it glow though, unless you really need heavy coverage.

A touch at the inner rim of the eyes can add a bit of brightness, and then we are fanning it out. A really quick way to do a bright lip is to make it more of a stain. What I'm doing is, I'm mixing a bright red lipstick with a peachy gloss, and as you'll see when it goes on, it goes on as more of a stain.

The reason that I like that is, it's just a lot easier to control when you are doing a lip in a hurry. After getting color on the brush -- I'm just doing this for hygiene sake -- as you can see, the color is a little softer, starting at the center of the lip, and extending outwards.

Notice how I don't go all the way to the edge just yet, blot that together. Now I can just blend towards the edges, just what I have on the brush already, rather than dipping it again. I'm bringing that to the outer edge of my lip, and I'm just going to blot that a touch more with my fingers, again. If you don't have a lot of brushes, it's OK, because fingers are a great tool.

One final tip on how to keep your lipstick from bleed onto your teeth is, taking your index finger, placing it in the center of your lips and just lightly closing your lips over it, and pulling it out. As you can see, she's got the excess on, so that won't get on her teeth, and you're good to go all day.

That's our 90 second face, with a focus on a strong lip. For more tips and tricks come hang out with us at beso.com.