Three Tips: For Mixing Prints

Cajoling summer's pattern-happy duds to play nice is an art form all in itself: We'll show you three mix-and-match tricks
with truly inspired, wardrobe-stretching results.


Kate: Hi, I'm Kate.

Diana: I'm Diana.

Kate: We're editors of, the site devoted to shopping ideas and style inspiration. Mixing prints is a fun, versatile trend that keeps coming back season after season. We'll show you three ways to put together fun, print happy looks that can stand on their own without help

from any extra accessories. Here, the polka dot shirt plays off of the striped skirt with white as the unifying color. By keeping the palette in the pastel family, this outfit is perfect for a late summer day.

Diana: When mixing prints, it's important to keep scale in mind. Here, the delicate floral print adds a feminine touch to the micro print of the pants. Florals and stripes may sound like unlikely partners, but here the skinny stripe tempers the over sized floral print for a fun take on a classic, work appropriate look.

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