Wearing multiple chains all at once is actually surprisingly easy—plus, the intricate results always look masterful.


Elise: Hi, I'm Elise, the editor-in-chief of, the site devoted to shopping. Today, we're going to talk about layering necklaces, which some people find to be a little intimidating, but it's actually simple. A lot of people will go the "one short, one medium, one long" necklace route, which is absolutely acceptable. Sometimes, I think it can look a little too composed, though, so I'm going to push the two-plus-one. Let's get started.

Elise: First, we're going to start with some chunkier jewelry. When I'm wearing big necklaces, I generally try to go for a colored short, just because it provides some framework for the pieces so that they don't overwhelm your entire outfit. Because this necklace is wide and thick, I want to balance it with things that are longer, because that will bring the eye in and down. Just makes the whole thing a bit more flattering.

Next, we're going to talk about daintier jewelry. Because the pieces are smaller, we don't have to look for pieces that are significantly longer than the others. But, as you can see, I'm wearing two that are the same length, the chains are slightly different, and then one that's a bit longer.

For charms like this, I usually try to hit places like eBay or flea markets. And then, this long filigree chain is also antique, but there are a lot of people who are doing new things that have the same effect.

So, in this final look, I wanted to talk about color, because, obviously, I love it, and I'm not shy about wearing a lot of it. Great thing about a colorful necklace, whether you choose to wear three or just one, is that it can tie an entire outfit together.

Here, I'm wearing two chunkier necklaces with one dainty necklace. Two long, one short. Obviously, they all have color in common.

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