Though we'd never give up the occasional pro-performed mani-pedi splurge, weekly trips to the salon aren't always a reality.
These at-home nail designs will dress up your digits in a cinch.


Kate Wolfson: Hi. I'm Kate, an editor here at The site devoted to shopping. We don't always have time to slink over to the nail salon or we totally don't want to change up our look. We'll show you three easy nail art tricks you don't have to be a pro to master.

We've all seen the Ombre manicure. We'll show you an easy way to achieve a glittery one. Always start your manicure with a clear base coat on top of clean, filed nails. Then apply two coats of a light pink shade. After your polishes dry, take a glitter polish. We like to use gold.Then starting at the bottom of the nail, paint long coat of the glitter polish, stopping about halfway through the nail. Once the first layer of the glitter polishes dry, apply a second coat starting at the bottom but only going about halfway through the first glitter layer. Essentially, you're just painting the moon of the nail with the second coat.

Once the two layers of glitter polisher dry, apply your top coat and you're ready to go.This reverse tip manicure is super easy and requires not one but two items. You probably already have lying around your desk. A Sharpie and some reinforcements. Start with a clear base coat and after that's dry, apply two coats of any color of your choice.

That's the beauty of a Sharpie manicure. You can go on top of virtually any shade. Taking great care to make sure is polish is dry, start applying the reinforcements to the moon of each nail, using them to mask off the bottom.Using a metallic bronze Sharpie, you're going to paint over each nail. The beauty of a bronze metalliC#ie is that on the nail, it looks a lot like a beautiful rose gold. Using a cuticle cutter, you could take off the reinforcements, and follow up with a top coat.

Ready made nail polish strips are a great cheat for achieving a super intricate manicure fast. Start with clean, dry nails, making sure to push back your cuticles. The good news is that every nail polish strip kit comes with all the tools you need, including the cuticle stick and the nail file.Go through the strips, taking great care to find the right size for each nail. Remove the plastic cover and the protective strip. Then check which side of the strip fits the nail best, in our case, it's this side, and break off the tip.

Line up the strip with the cuticle line and firmly press down to get all the edges. Create a crease at the edge of the nail then take your emery board and file away the excess.

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