What to Wear: To A Job Interview

This is always a stressful encounter, so alleviate some of the anxiety by nailing the dress code. Here, some fail-safe combinations
for looking like a more polished and professional version of yourself, so you can move onto the important thing and land the gig!


Elise: Hi, I'm Elise, the editor-in-chief of beso.com, the site devoted to shopping.

Diana: And I'm Diana, the fashion editor.

Elise: Today, we're going to talk about what to wear to those oh-so-dreaded interviews. We all know it can be really hard to find that fine line between looking corporate and polished, and also feeling like you're expressing some semblance of your personality. We've narrowed it down to a science, we think.


Elise: In this first look, Diana's wearing a very straight-forward black dress that has cool leather pockets. She's layered it over a white button-down, which makes the outfit a bit cooler and more interesting, like she really knows what she's doing when she's getting dressed in the morning.

It's absolutely not too fashiony or over the top. She's also reined it all in with a slim little belt.

The main takeaway from outfit number two is that if you don't own a suit you can approximate one, which is what Diana's done here by pairing a black skirt with a black little jacket. If you do own a skirt, let me just ask that you occasionally break it out and wear the blazer and the skirt separately.

In this final look, Diana's obviously interviewing for a more creative job because she's wearing a bright yellow skirt but she's paired it with something that's more conservative. The cut itself of the skirt is not too revealing. You can play with those boundaries a little bit but you don't want to leave the room and have them wondering if you took the interview seriously at all.

Thanks so much for watching. For more tips and tricks, and lots of shopping, come hang out with us at beso.com.