How To Layer With Vests

You may reach for them to help combat the chill, but these ultra-versatile (and oft under-utilized) closet staples have the power to
exponentially increase your wardrobe's layering potential. Here, we'll show you how to style three vests, in three totally unexpected ways.


Diana Ryu: Hi, I'm Diana.

Kate Wolfson: I'm Kate.

Diana: We're editors at Today, we're going to talk about three ways to wear vests. Now, vests can look a little bit dowdy but we're sure that these looks will convince you otherwise. A denim vest may seem a little bit country, but when worn with a tough cocked moto jacket, colored jeans and sneakers, it's a lot less country bumpkin and much more city slicker.An army parka might be a little bit masculine, but when you add leather leggings, pointy toed pumps and a voluminous fur vest, it undoubtedly ups the glam factor.

Kate: A pepper vest may seem like a niche layering accessory, like you can only wear it when you go camping, but when worn with a slim fitting pencil skirt, it's actually a great alternative to a coat.

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