These classic tops often get a bad rap for being stodgy, but they're actually an essential layering piece for
colder months. We'll show you three different ways to maintain a slim, sleek silhouette, while staying warm.


Diana: Hi, I'm Diana.

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Diana: We are editors at, the site devoted to shopping. Today we're going to talk about how to layer with a turtleneck. Turtlenecks sometimes get a bad rap for being a little bit dowdy, but we think that it's a pretty essential layering piece for colder months.

To avoid looking bulky while layering with a turtleneck, what we did was paired it with a lower cut overall, so you're not swathed in fabric up top, and a fitted blazer that cuts short at the wrist, so you can see a little bit of the striped turtleneck peeking through underneath.

The great thing about a thin turtleneck is that it adds the warmth of a sweater without the bulk. If you have a favorite low cut little black dress, that means you can wear it during the winter too.Just throw it on right over your turtleneck, pair it with some really cool leather leggings and some booties, and you could take it from summer to winter in a snap.

A chambray shirt and printed jeans are great for everyday wear, but when worn with a turtleneck underneath, the button down works as a jacket layer, so you stay warm, and your silhouette stays slim.

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