What to Wear To A Wedding: Men's Edition

It's official: Nuptial season is in full swing. Here's our survival guide (modeled by one of our fave bloggers, EDWARD HONAKER!) to getting it right, no matter what the invite states.


Kate Wolfson: Hi! I'm Kate, an editor, here at beso.com, the site devoted to shopping ideas and style inspiration. Today we are here with our favorite style blogger Edward Honaker of edwardshair.net.Spring and summer might as well be called wedding season. Figuring out appropriate attire for the barrage of dress codes can be confusing. We'll show you three looks to go with three types of wedding invitations.

Garden weddings are usually on the mellow side. A pastel shirt, gray pants, and floral tie look perfectly appropriate without looking too stuffy.The key to elevating a suit for a formal wedding is by choosing the right accessories. In this case, Edward paired a crisp white button down with a bow tie and a dressier pair of shoes.

Even if a beach wedding is on the agenda, flip flops are never OK. Instead, try wearing a navy blazer and cropped khakis. Throw on a pair of brown Oxfords and you're good to go.

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