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Give your children lasting memories of artistic decor with this friendly wall mount 'Teddy Bear' sculpture. This wall art has a clean, contemporary design that will sure complement your... LCM Home Fashions 3D Faux Teddy Bear Head Sculpture (Bear - Honey Nut Maple), Brown (Wood)

LCM Home Fashions 3D Faux Teddy Bear...
$67.49 $60.74
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This unique book end set features matte black bases with a silver Ram Head adorned on each. A great addition to any office space. Materials: Wood Quantity: Two (2) Dimensions: 4 inches x 7... Ram Head Book Ends (Black/Silver) (Wood)

Ram Head Book Ends (Black/Silver)...
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This handmade creation is offered in partnership with NOVICA, in association with National Geographic. Add a touch of the exotic to your home decor with this hand-carved suar wood... Novica Hand Crafted Wood Everlasting Kiss Statuette (Indonesia) (Wood statuette, 'Everlasting Kiss' (Indonesia)), Brown

Novica Hand Crafted Wood Everlasting...
$59.99 $53.99
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This handmade creation is offered in partnership with NOVICA, in association with National Geographic. Add a touch of the exotic to your home with this 'Man Levitates' statuette.... Novica 'Man Levitates' Wood Statuette (Indonesia) (Wood statuette, 'Man Levitates' (Indonesia)), Black

Novica 'Man Levitates' Wood Statuette...
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Product Features: Carved of richly grained suar wood, this contemporary sculpture depicts a family circle, complete with father, mother, and child. Balinese artisan Eka proudly carries on... Novica Wood Sculpture, Family Circle (Indonesia) (sculpture), Brown

Novica Wood Sculpture, Family Circle...
A single Balinese lotus blooms amid graceful foliage, carved by hand from suar wood. This beautifully crafted relief sculpture is presented by the family of the late Balinese artisan Seji... Novica Wood Relief Panel, 'Single Lotus' (Indonesia) (Single Lotus), Brown

Novica Wood Relief Panel, 'Single...
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This sculpture depicts a majestic elephant with openwork jali motifs inspired by traditional Indian architecture. Presented by Dayal J. Daryani, this wonderful sculpture is carved by hand... Novica Wood Sculpture, Jali Elephant (India) (sculpture), Brown (Plastic)

Novica Wood Sculpture, Jali Elephant...
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Sitting in the asana position, a whimsical frog practices yoga holding its front feet to its middle chakra. It closes its eyes as it inhales and exhales, in a vivid wood statuette, hand... Novica Wood Sculpture, 'Asana Pose Yoga Frog' (Indonesia) (Asana Pose Yoga Frog), Brown

Novica Wood Sculpture, 'Asana Pose...
$36.49 $32.84
Young Buddha inspires peace in this admirable statuette from India. Dayal J. Daryanani presents the artisan crafted kadam wood statuette is carved by hand with admirable artistry. It is... Novica Wood Statuette, 'Buddha Inspired' (India) (statue), Brown

Novica Wood Statuette, 'Buddha...
A beautiful, hand-carved wreath of frangipanis surrounds the ancient Sanskrit letter Om on this wall relief panel. The sound of this letter is a symbol of the inner peace of the soul and is... Novica Wood Relief Panel, 'Soul At Peace' (Indonesia) (wall art), Brown

Novica Wood Relief Panel, 'Soul At...
From Suresh and Devender Garg, this striking kadam wood sculpture captures the elephant's inherent majesty. Its lordly stride, intelligent expression, strength and power radiate from the... Novica 5-Inch Wood Sculpture, 'Majestic Elephant' (India) (Majestic Elephant), Brown

Novica 5-Inch Wood Sculpture,...
$38.69 $34.82
King Chess Wood Sculpture - An Oversized Chess Piece Sculpture Is Hard To Miss - Chess Pieces Make Smart Home Accents On A Coffee Table Or Entryway Console. The King Chess Wood Sculpture Is... King Chess Wood Sculpture - 10.5"Hx3.75"Diameter, Ivory

King Chess Wood Sculpture -...

Home Decorators Collection
Home Decorators Collection
Drawing inspiration from their cultural roots, Mexican couple Zeny and Reyna proudly paint this cat sculpture by hand, covering the animal in vibrant floral motifs against a black body. The... Novica Wood Sculpture, Excited Cat In Black (Mexico) (sculpture)

Novica Wood Sculpture, Excited Cat In...
Intricately hand-carved muscular horses in full gallop with flying manes are the centerpiece of this gallery-quality sculpt on a wood base. Originally carved in authentic ivory elephant... Galloping Horses Sculptural Oliphant Tusk Hand-Carved Mandarin Ivory Statue

Galloping Horses Sculptural Oliphant...

Uttermost 19613 Brisco Natural Carved Wood Finials Uttermost 19613 Brisco Natural Carved Wood Finials

Uttermost 19613 Brisco Natural Carved...

Littman Bros.
In an amazing display of his eye for detail and steady hand Wayan Rendah carves accacia wood into an incredibly realistic portrayal of a poisonous cobra. The serpent's arched head and... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Cobra' - Hand Carved Wood Snake Sculpture

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Cobra' - Hand...
A tender scene of peaceful family love is protrayed in suar wood by master artisan Wayan Rendah of Bali. The serene portrait of a proud father cradling a nursing mother creates a warm... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Family Peace' - Original Wood Sculpture Hand Carved in Indonesia

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Family Peace'...
The noble form of the African antelope is captured in this pair of carvings by George Obeng representative of the craftsmanship of Sudan's Bambara people. Intricate details seem to direct... NOVICA Mahogany statuettes, 'Bambara Antelopes' (pair) - Hand Crafted Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Mahogany statuettes, 'Bambara...
In the natural beauty of suar wood master Nyoman Karsa has sculpted an intriguing figure at rest. In a thought provoking composition the observer is obliged to ponder what little difference... NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Rest' - Hand Carved Suar Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Abstract...
The moon goddess Ratih reclines in a wistful repose inspiring dreams and delight. Master carver Wayan Rendah created this exquisitely carved sculpture from the finest local suar wood. The... NOVICA Wood sculpture 'The Moon Goddess I' - Handcrafted Indonesian Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Wood sculpture 'The Moon...
Two generations of dolphins leap in this sculpture by Wayan Rendah as the mother provides a protective nurturing canopy for her young child. Carved from jempinis or chinaberry wood its rich... NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Dolphin Generation' - Carved Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Dolphin...
They come together in a joyous anniversary embrace the intermingled symmetry of their forms a parallel for the profound love held between them. Wayan Rendah carves the piece from local suar... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Anniversary Embrace' - Original Wood Sculpture Hand Carved in Indonesia

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Anniversary...
The smooth textures of finely carved neem wood offer organic harmony to this carving by Madam Adwoa and the artisans of Onyame Akwan Dooso. A crowning loop of headgear emerges boldly... NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Dark Beauty' - African Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Dark Beauty'...
Skillfully balancing one atop the other a trio of yogis poses tensely head to knees. Muscles and tendons of arms and legs stretch tautly with effort as the holy men seek perfect purity and... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Gymnast Yogis'

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Gymnast Yogis'
Akosua Anima is a name bestowed upon female children in Ghana. This girl possesses a strikingly flat head symbolizing royalty among the Ashanti people. Kwame Frimpong hand-carves the piece... NOVICA Cedar sculpture, 'Ashanti Princess' - Hand Carved Cedar Sculpture

NOVICA Cedar sculpture, 'Ashanti...
Suar wood boasts a rich polished tone accentuating the reverent aspect of this statuette patiently carved by the hands of Wayan Rendah. Ganesha the sacred man-elephant stands atop a... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Ganesha the Great'

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Ganesha the...
Dramatically sculpted contours evoke the true power of the Indonesian elephant. This example arrives adorned in a regal cloth reflecting Nyoman Karsa's Balinese heritage. Hand-carved from... NOVICA Mahogany sculpture, 'Asian Elephant' - Mahogany Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Mahogany sculpture, 'Asian...
A tender and acrobatic expression of love carved by the hands of Alit Artawa. The kissing couple exudes deep feelings of romance their legs arched back to meet at the toes creating a clever... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Heart Kissing' - Unique Romantic Wood Sculpture from Indonesia

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Heart...
With skill and artistic spirit Wayan Rendah captures a Balinese legend in this hand-carved statuette. It is told that Ni Kesuna betrayed her sister Ni Bawang causing her to flee from her... NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Bird Sister'

NOVICA Wood statuette, 'Bird Sister'
An elongated expression of prayer the statuette captivates with its sense of modern Balinese spirituality. The figure appears to genuflect his sleek details reflecting an aura of religious... NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Abstract Genuflect' - Suar Wood Sculpture from Indonesia

NOVICA Wood sculpture, 'Abstract...