MM70W Features: -Wood sand paper.-Use 120 grit for general wood or metal sanding.-Use with Multi-Max tool.-Requires MM11 Hook and Loop pad, not included.-6 per card. Includes: -Includes 2... MM70W Sandpaper Paper/Wood 60/120/240 Multi-Max (6) Multi-Colored

MM70W Sandpaper Paper/Wood 60/120/240...
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Utility Paint Brush, 1/2" Wide Natural Bristles, Wooden Handle K Tool International KTI-74005 Brushes Utility 1/2" Wood Hand

K Tool International KTI-74005...
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Sand paper accessory allows the Multi-Max to be used for sanding hardwood, softwood, chipboard, rusted metal, fiberglass and plastics. This requires the MM11 Hook and Loop Pad accessory. Dremel MM70W 60, 120 and 240 Grit Sand Paper, Wood

Dremel MM70W 60, 120 and 240 Grit...
Special size cut sheets of Production Brand sandpaper for use with oscillating sanders, hand sanding blocks or general hand sanding- Coating with hard, tough aluminum oxide mineral- Open... 3m 9inch Course Paint Wood Metal Sandpaper Third Sheets 9017NA

3m 9inch Course Paint Wood Metal...
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Minwax wood putty is an easy-to-use putty for filling nail holes and covering other minor imperfections on interior wood surfaces. Formulated for use on bare, painted, stained, and finished... PUTTY WOOD NATURAL PINE 3.75OZ

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Features- Packed in protective packaging to permit easy, neat storage-- Paper sheets and rolls are engineered for optimum performance when sanding metal, wood, composites and painted... Norton 547-66261139362 9 x 11 T414 Blue-Bak Waterproof Sheet 400-A Grit

Norton 547-66261139362 9 x 11 T414...
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