You're The Man--Joe Namath

Pennsylvania to New York isn't such a long trip, but to look at the iconic Jets quarterback Joe Willie Namath—the first pro to set the record for throwing 4,000 yards in his 1967 season—the boy from Beaver Falls is a world apart from the man that became "Broadway Joe." By the time he famously guaranteed (and delivered) New York City a 1969 Super Bowl victory, he already had a sense of self-confidence off the field that would garner him stunning women, endorsement dollars and admiration from style-setters for decades. Namath began as a star athlete but became simply a star, one that shone brightly in a city full of them and, as an actor and pop culture personality, created a template for professional sports celebrity that persists today. He may have been a country boy at heart, but Broadway Joe was as unapologetic about his Fu-Manchu mustache and fabulous fur coats as he was his fondness for scotch and sumptuous living. Even without the bedroom eyes or the golden right arm, we guarantee just about anyone can score big style points in the coolness of classic sports-inspired pieces balanced with just the right brash attitude that made Namath the man.

Jock Classics

Long before everyone paid him to attest to the performance of products from pantyhose to shaving cream, Joe Namath was fielding all kinds of offers for his athletic performance. As a standout on every sports team by the time he graduated high school (including basketball, where he was known to dunk, which was a rarity at the time), he first turned down a lucrative offer to play baseball for the Chicago Cubs. Instead, he joined the team of one of the most famous college football coaches in history, University of Alabama's "Bear" Bryant, who considered him "the greatest athlete he ever coached." Sporting these classic jock signatures—letter sweaters, collegiate tees and old school high tops and sneakers—may not make you catch a pass any better, but you'll be sure to catch a few appreciative looks your way.

Bachelor Pad

They called him Broadway Joe, but he was more at ease on the upper east side of Manhattan, the site of his renowned penthouse apartment with a view of the skyline over which he held dominion in the late nineteen sixties and seventies. Namath took Hugh Hefner's ideal of urban bachelorhood to heart, even going so far as to make famed Playboy illustrator LeRoy Neiman, whose work hung on his walls, the official portraitist of the New York Jets. Inside, sleek masculine signatures in glass, suede and leather met louche luxuries such as 18K gold bathroom fixtures, a menagerie of animal fur accents (including an infamously shaggy llama skin rug) and a bed finished with satin sheets in team green and a mirror overhead. Steering clear of the look Namath biographer Mark Kriegel called "space-age pimp," today's man can still find comfort in his slippers or carouse in the domestic spirit of the stylish quarterback—it's up to you where you put the mirror.

Rain Delay

If there's one man who reinvented the sideline as runway, it's Joe Namath. He's made an indelible mark on the cultural imagination for his magnificent displays of man furs, but we found a more accessible and seasonal approach in the unfussy elegance of the team-issued anorak. These simple, sporty raincoats will keep you looking as fresh as a flower, no matter when those spring showers come.


Whether it was the action on the field or playing the field with a bounty of beautiful women, Joe Namath played hard. As a result, his knees were weak in more ways than one. Perhaps that's why he came on so strong when it came to his boldly colored and vividly patterned bottoms. Here's a rainbow of pants and shorts that will ensure you get the right attention from the waist down.

Double Breasted

Joe Namath famously said, "I like my Johnny Walker Red and my women blonde," but that was not the only preference he had for a night on the town. Whether it's a sophisticated grey pinstripe with singer Suzi Quatro or a decadent silk tuxedo at the Academy Awards with date Raquel Welch, his style was always double breasted. While the look certainly played to the strengths of his strapping physique, forget what you've heard about them only being for big and tall: options with fewer buttons or a closure near waist level work with most body types and the easy cardigan version will find everyone exploring this sophisticated spin on full coverage.

Varsity Jackets

Joe Namath left "Bear" Bryant's University of Alabama football team for the professional draft in 1964. He was the first pick of the recently-formed American Football League and that privilege came with nearly half a million dollars in a signing bonus as well as salary, a record at the time. After years of more money, fame and homes than he could have imagined as the fifth child of an immigrant miner, Namath would always say that he still felt most himself during his college years. Perhaps that's why he returned to Alabama to receive his degree over forty years later. These varsity jackets not only wax nostalgic but also fit the here-and-now perfectly.

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